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Hi, I am Clayand I own The Stirling House B&B in Greenport. The inn faces Shelter Island and Greenport Harbor.  We belong to a great B&B group called Elegant Bed & Breakfasts of the North Fork, the largest B&B group of Long Island. We also run Vine Time and the new Vine University (the all-inclusive wine making class getaway). The North Fork is such a beautiful place, and we enjoy working and living here. In the Winter/Spring seasons,  I also do some TV/film gigs. You can see me on the sets of Damages, The Good Wife, Rescue Me, and Prime Suspect. It's all great fun, and I enjoy life. I have some wonderful people in my life, and I am thankful for them.  I used to work for Verizon, and miss the people there. Some of my family is from France, so I get to go over there and enjoy amazing food and culture, and try to bring back as many ideas as possible to share in my B&B. My motto is...Life is short, so LIVE it up now!
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