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Regina was born and raised in Suffolk County and after spending her 20's & 30's in New York City, moved back to Suffolk County and very happily resides in New Suffolk with her two cocker spaniels, Maggie & Oscar and her cat, Milo.
Regina is a frequent commentator on politics and policy in national, state and local media outlets and a former adjunct professor of public administration and political science. As a corporate fraud attorney, Regina serves on the litigation teams that bring back billions of dollars to defrauded private & public pension funds while also going after those titans of Wall Street that committed the fraud.  While Legislative Director to the NYC Comptroller, she spent several years in Albany where she co-authored and secured the passage of state laws that improved municipal finance and prevented government fraud. She began her career at the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans of America advocating for the civil rights of veterans with disabilities and all Americans with disabilities by participating in the national effort to secure passage of the Americans with Disabilities Rights Act of 1990. Regina has become a vocal advocate for adopting older foster children as a result of her experience growing up in Suffolk County’s foster care system. www.reginacalcaterra.com 
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