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I served on the governing board for the National Youth Leadership Network, a 501(c)3 organization for and by disabled youth throughout the nation (11/2010-1/2012), and currently serve on the same for Youth Power!, an Albany-based statewide network of youth that have been labeled and are seeking change.  I additionally coedited Perspectives: Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities and Perspectives 2, wrote Monster of Fifty-Nine Moons and Other Poems cofounded The Bards Initiative (a Long Island-based organization dedicated to furthering the role of poetry on Long Island, especially poetry devoted to social causes), and much more.  My blog on Glen Cove Patch will cover politics (more on the state level than purely local), some local events, as well as offer various poetry contests that residents can enter for the sake of being published on the site or possibly in an anthology.
I also host the Bards Initiative poetry reading series at Page One Restaurant, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, which start at 6 PM poet time (if you don't know what it is, just ask) and go until the open mic list is exhausted.  Each time, we feature one or more Long Island (or occasionally, less local) poets, and Page One provides a wonderful $5 bar menu (the standard menu is available if you ask your server). As a Patch blogger, I am NOT a Patch employee.  I do not get paid to write here.  I do not get paid at all in connection with Patch.  I can and WILL express my opinion as and when I see fit on this site, without reservation or hesitation, as is my right.  I am NOT impartial.  I am NOT an observer.  I am NOT a journalist.
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