PHOTOS: People, Birds and Crabs Seek the Cool of the Bay

Air conditioning is popular these days too as we all try to beat the heat.

Not a soul lingered in a park or on a ballfield but air conditioned stores like King Kullen, Rite Aid and Starbucks were bustling on Thursday. In the outdoor world on one of the hottest Summer Solstice days in history this Patch photographer witnessed: ospreys lifting their wings to cool themselves off.

Fiddler crabs scrambled to seek the cool of the bay. Mussels urged high tide to come sooner. A kite surfer off of Robins Island enjoyed the benefits of the balmy breezes. Jackson Gillies Cocciolone met a like-minded new friend and their explorations of sea creatures like pipefish, blowfish, shrimp, and luminescent jellyfish. Lupa, the adorable pooch, boogie boarded while swimmers in New Suffolk stayed in the water to bring their temperatures down. Ellen and Gil wore hats and sat by the bay with friends to keep cool.


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