UPDATED: Heat, Air Quality Alerts Issued as Weekend Scorcher Nears

State says people should be safe considering dangerous ground ozone levels in the region.

UPDATE, 2:11 p.m. - The National Weather service late Friday afternoon issued a heat advisory for Northern Suffolk County, warning that heat indices that could top 100 degrees are on tap for the region. Earlier alerts were announced for New York City and Nassau County, but as the day wore on those notices have extended east.

The weather service expects temperatures to be lower on Saturday and Sunday, but only by a few degrees.

Original story

As locals prepare a hot early July weekend, the National Weather Service on Friday issued an air quality alert for Long Island due to the high temperatures and humidity.

Automobile smog from Long Island's congested roadways could be one of the biggest dangers in the heat, as high temps keep the pollutant such as ozone close to the ground.

Temperatures across Long Island are expected to pass 90 degrees on Friday. A heat advisory is in effect for New York City, with 100 degree temperatures expected.

Locals should refrain from strenuous outdoor activity and keep close watch on small children, who can be more susceptible to negative effects of ground-level ozone exposure.

Temps should be cooler , especially those on the East End, where ocean breezes can bring some relief.

The state's Department of Environmental Conservation also offers the following tips in air quality alert situations.

• Use mass transit or carpool instead of driving, as automobile emissions account for about 60 percent of pollution in our cities
• Conserve fuel and cut exhaust emissions by combining necessary motor vehicle trips
• Turn off all lights and electrical appliances in unoccupied areas
• Use fans to circulate air. If air conditioning is necessary, set thermostats at 78 degrees
• Close the blinds and shades to limit heat build-up and to preserve cooled air
• Limit use of household appliances. If necessary, run the appliances at off-peak (after 7 p.m.) hours. These would include dishwashers, dryers, pool pumps and water heaters
• Set refrigerators and freezers at more efficient temperatures
• Purchase and install energy-efficient lighting and appliances with the Energy Star label
• Reduce or refrain from burning and attempt to minimize indoor smoking.

Peter Oleschuk June 30, 2012 at 02:47 PM
This year our beaches have dropped more than 5 notches in quality rank (only if they're open!) Our water quality is sinking so fast that some day you'll need warning labels on you faucets like those on a can of paint (many common ingredients like chromium sludge in Hinckley, Ca. - Erin Brockovich's home town - http://brockovich.org ) and our air quality RANKS #1 WORST in the entire state of NY! Long Island CANNOT SUSTAIN any further development without even more severe consequences! Too much has been "broken!" This concept of development to repair is as ridiculous as getting fit and in shape on a treadmill while you have a sprained ankle, broken leg, fractured hip and torn Achilles heal! Long Island cannot sustain any more population growth. You'll only add to lists of unemployed and underemployed. You will overload schools we can't afford to pay for already. There's a gigantic inventory of vacant commercial properties for potential employers to re occupy and restore jobs. Fix what we have. Restore what is gone: 1.Businesses and trades that put people back to work 2.Sewer plants that fair in their mission to protect our water supply and beaches and beach economy. 3.Storm water management that currently is designed to be destructive! 4.Curtail or remove our major air polluters. 5.Litigate and pursue those that have injured and destroyed our region and then ran away along with the jobs.
Peter Oleschuk June 30, 2012 at 02:48 PM
If you could return the job that just Grumman 'stole away" and put elsewhere, and had all of their destruction been resolved way back when... you could have a completely different place today. Added, they were here doing this as a government provider. That means there is a shared responsibility. Who's really footing the bill on saving Long Island? If you live on Long Island, then YOU ARE! You can BET YOUR LIFE ON IT! If you think TDR's and transfer of development to the other side of the street, the next block, the next neighborhood, the next village, the other side of town, the other end of the county or the other end of Long Island will "save you," think again. The TDR or its "facsimile" called a Pine Barren Credit has done nothing. they are smoke screens. The proof is historic fact. Look around you: 1. Pine Barren's Credits used to preserve and move development elsewhere. 2. Suffolk County, over 50 years ago created the nation's first TDR program, a template since used throughout the country. However, "saving Suffolk County 60 years ago" using TDR's is why we have a "growth of destruction of a mere 500% more development." We also have so much less to save because it is gone forever. This current "plans" being followed are following a template and program of 60 yrs of proven FAILURE TO SAVE ANYTHING - SUCCESS IN DESTROYING EVERYTHING.


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