Question of the Day: What Should Be Changed in School Districts?

With voting on school district budgets and school board candidates coming up on Tuesday, we ask for you thoughts on what you think should change in local school districts.

Over the past few weeks, North Fork Patch has broken down 2011-12 budget plans and profiled school board candidates in , , andschool districts (and stay tuned for more candidate profiles on Thursday and Friday.) We talked to members of local and other regarding the way our schools are run.

At a candidate forum in Wednesday night, school board candidates said that they'd like to see changes such as shifting school's retirement funds from pensions systems to a 401k type of system, seeing to it that school websites are updated daily with more information and an interactive forum to talk about how students are learning, and upgrading to more effcient ways to heat and cool school buildings.

But now we ask you, before you go to vote on Tuesday: What are the most important changes school board members should be working on in the coming year in their districts?

Feel free to comment in the box below. Look for another question of the day tomorrow on North Fork Patch.

Peter Kren May 13, 2011 at 02:01 PM
How about a serious look at consolidation. Maintain the elementary districts as they are, but have a central junior and senior high school to serve Laurel to Orient, just as they do in many of the rural areas of Virginia and the Carolinas. Create a central regional office, handling the general clerical and purchasing tasks. One regional superintendant, with assistant superintendants in charge of elementary schools, and a regional school board composed of members from each of the elementary districts.


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