POLL: Will You Vote Yes or No on the Oysterponds Budget?

Board members decided against changing the 2012-13 budget, which failed to pass last week — how will you vote?

board members decided to end discussions about giving parents the option of sending kids to for secondary education and are putting forth the same $5.4 million 2012-13 budget to the public for a revote

That budget was voted down on May 15 with 253 no, 192 yes. The revote will be held at the school on June 19. Board members met with Greenport School Board members Wednesday morning to discuss renewing a contract to send Oysterponds kids to Greenport for secondary education.

"Many speakers told the BOE that the vote against the budget was really a vote against choice of high schools," said newly re-elected board member Linda Goldsmith. "The BOE decided unamiously to resind the choice option and to try to negiotate a fiev-year agreement with Greenport."

So we want to know - how will you vote in June? Take our poll below.

Eastender May 25, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Linda Goldsmith is clearly the "most powerful woman in east Marion/orient". Go Linda!!!!! Clearly with this power, we can all look to Linda to make things right! Go Linda!!!


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