POLL: Oysterponds Budget Revote Happens Tuesday

How will you vote the second time around?

After their budget failed to pass in May, board members decided to end discussions about giving parents the option of sending kids to for secondary education and are putting forth the same $5.4 million 2012-13 budget to the public for a revote to happen at the school Tuesday from 3 to 9 p.m.

Initially, the budget was voted down on May 15 with 253 no, 192 yes. The revote will be held at the school on June 19. Board members met with Greenport School Board members a few weeks ago morning to renew a contract to send Oysterponds kids to Greenport for secondary education.

And in a poll ran May 24 on North Fork Patch, 19 people said they would vote yes vs. 18 who said they'd vote no. So we ask again — how will you vote the second time around? Take our poll and feel free to comment in the boxes below.

JThaddeustoad July 27, 2012 at 11:10 AM
This is an outrage and has got to stop ..... The will of the people was heard and obviously not heeded ..... School budgets belong in the general election not in the hands of a select few .... overall in the past years our system of education has been putting forth a student who is at ranked number 14 on a global scale and we used to be number 1 ..... Why are we giving these people more money and rewarding them for a terrible job????


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