Oysterponds-Greenport Referendum Postponed

School districts are working on the details of a contract, according to a statement released Monday.

A referendum vote scheduled for next Tuesday, on a contract to send Oysterponds students to Greenport secondary schools, has been postponed until further notice as the two sides continue to work out details of the agreement

Oysterponds secondary students will continue to attend Greenport schools in the meantime, according to a joint statement released by both districts' school boards and superintendents. The school district hosting East Marion and Orient students teaches up to the sixth grade.

"The Oysterponds and Greenport School Districts continue to work in good faith finalizing a five-year contract, providing for the education of Oysterponds' students in Grades 7 through 12 by Greenport," the statement reads.

Greenport BOE President Heather Wolfe told the Suffolk Times, “It really is simply a quest to make it as airtight as possible. We are both trying to work on a contract that holds water and is equitable to both communities.”

The Oysterponds School Board has for the past couple of years, though the propals have fallen flat.


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