Oysterponds Budget Fails; All Other North Fork School Districts Pass

Write-in candidate in Greenport will take vacant second seat on school board.

Oysterponds Elementary School was the only district on the North Fork to fail in passing its 2012-13 budget Tuesday night. Voters spoke out 192 yes to 253 no to vote down the $5,353,894 budget —  a plan to reduce spending by $270,000 this year, but the tax levy increase is estimated at 2.5 percent.

Greenport voters passed the 2012-13 budget on Tuesday, picking up the required supermajority vote needed to pass the tax-cap-piercing budget. The budget passed with 69 percent of the vote.

With the exception of Greenport and New Suffolk, all North Fork school districts have stayed within the state’s new 2 percent tax cap for the 2012-13 school year budget.

As for the only contested race for school board, incumbents Linda Goldsmith and Krista de Kerillis won re-election bids for seats on the board, beating out newcomer Alison Lyne.

Dan Creedon, the only incumbent running on the Board, won a re-election bid on Tuesday. Write-in candidate Babette Cornine received 50 votes and will join Creedon on the board to fill the needed second vacant seat.

Here are the rest of the results as of Tuesday night:


$38,004,156 – Yes: 571   No: 395

$27,024,043 – Yes: 534  No: 289

$14,914,713 – Yes: 280 No: 124

Greenport needed to pass its budget by 60 percent because it pierced the 2 percent cap, the district passed its budget by 69 percent. 

$5,353,894 – Yes: 192  No: 253

$678,309 – Yes: 78  No: 29

$9,739,303 – Yes: 247 No: 46


Three Seats, Three Candidates

Laura Jens-Smith: 665

Douglas Cooper: 673

Sarah Hassildine:656

Two Seats, Two Candidates

Board President Paulette Ofrias: 515

John Crean: 522

Two Seats, One Candidate

Dan Creedon: 305

Write in candidate Babette Cornine received 50 votes and will join Creedon on the board.

Two Seats, Three Candidates

Alison Lyne: 193

Linda Goldsmith: 291 (re-elected)

Krista de Kerillis: 272 (re-elected)

Three Seats, Three Candidates

Stephen Gessner: 212

Mark Kanarvogel: 200

Marilynn Pysher: 228

Because incumbent Mark Kanarvogel received the least amount of votes, he will fill a vacant seat left by Kathleen Reilly last October. Incumbent Stephen Gessner and newcomer Marilyn Pysher will serve three-year terms.

Write-in candidates Jason Cooper and Brooke Dailey tied at 35 votes; Superintendent Bob Feger said he will need to speak to the school district's attorney to see what the best course of action will be to fill the seat.

With reporting by Sandy Martocchia

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage on North Fork Patch.

Jacquelyn Wallace-LePre May 17, 2012 at 01:24 AM
This budget failed for the sole reason that it was incomplete. As for your comment about Mrs. Goldsmith, have you really ever talked with her? She is a highly educated and extremely dedicated woman. She is for the district. And yes she is Pro-Greenport. Not because her daughter teaches there but because she sent both of her daughters to school there. They both went on to great college. So would you not call her a hypocrite if she supported some other school. Not that you can blame it on Mrs. Goldsmith anyways. We are educated people making a choice that has been awarded to us by living in this wonderful country. You think we are followers. If we were we would have passed a half assed budget. We are not following, we are making our own choice. Chock it up to paying $20,000 for a new car only to find out you don't have an engine or tires included. This budget was far to arbitrary to be passed.
Jacquelyn Wallace-LePre May 17, 2012 at 01:27 AM
And I proudly place my name on my comments and thoughts! No hiding behind a screen name!
realativesanity May 17, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Your side lost, and lost big. Get over it or flee to higher ground up west (though you would be hard pressed to find higher ground anywhere on Long Island since it is a glacial formation with elevations not much higher than sea level). Get your popcorn ready, cause we are taking our school back from the likes of you!!
linda goldsmith May 22, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Linda Goldsmith Yes this is Linda Goldsmith writing this. On the Suffolk Times Board, someone wrote comments and put MY name to them--Thankfully a friend saw them but the Suffolk Times response (this a paper that when you write a letter they verify that it is you, need your name, address and phone) to me was to have my lawyer call when I alerted them that this action was identity theft. Anyway-- at least here I feel safe and I have NEVER commented on the Suffolk Times websites and never will. FYI Isn't if funny that Troy Gustavson is suddenly a Greenport proponent?? Is that because his daughter sold her house and is moving to the M/C school district and he wants to keep the rest of the working clas out of M/C so as not to polute it?? What a hypocrite--and what timing!!! Thanks by the way to all my supporters--I would put a letter of thanks in the uffolk Times but who knows what it would say --might have typos or something.
William Swiskey sr May 22, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Linda if your looking for factual reporting, don't rely on the times. I go to Village meetings and what I read in the Times make me think was I at a different meeting. Troy doesn't run a NEWSPAPER ,he runs a PR FIRM for certian groups. If you don't believe that watch a meeting on TV and compare it to what the Times reports.


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