Mattituck Team Wears Orange To Support Mom With Leukemia

The Tuckers came together in solidarity for a friend and his mom.

The Mattituck High School Boys Varsity basketball team took to the court Friday sporting wearing orange, even down to their socks, in solidarity with one of their classmates, whose mom, Susan Becker, is battling leukemia.

"Orange is the Leukemia Awareness color, and coincidentally, we are playing Babylon whose colors are black, white & orange, so they will be helping us to support Susan without even knowing it," Susan Fisher Tyler, a Mattituck mom, said. 

Susan's Becker's son, Bobby, is a junior at Mattituck whose friends have stood strong beside him during a challenging time.

"When his mom lost her hair as a result of chemo, his friends on the wrestling team shaved their heads to support her," Tyler said. "His friends on the basketball team wanted to do something; they themselves came up with the idea of wearing orange and dedicating the game to her. They are a terrific group of young men wanting to support their friend and his mom."

Tyler, who said she has never met Susan Becker, said even strangers come together in a crisis in the tightly-knit community.

"Just another advantage of living in our small town, when someone has a problem, a sickness or is just in a jam, the whole town rallies around and does anything they can to help," she said. "If a group of kids wants to do something to help, she must be a great person and a great mom, and her son has a wonderful group of friends. We all wish her well."

Mattituck's junior varsity Tuckers team won the game, 64-46; the varsity game was still in progress as the article went to press.


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