Mattituck-Cutchogue School District: Budget Breakdown

Mattituck-Cutchogue's $37.36 million adopted budget for 2011-12 includes cutting teaching positions, athletic equipment and upgrades in technology.

The School Board has adopted a $37.36 million budget for the 2011-12 school year, a 2.25 increase in spending from last year, to be presented for public approval on May 17. Here is an overview of what programs and employment positions can be maintained and what is on the books to be cut if the budget is approved.

Stay tuned for video interviews of this year's Mattituck-Cutchogue school board candidates.

2011-12 Budget 2010-11 Budget Spending Increase Tax Levy Increase Estimated Tax Increase Mattituck-Cutchogue $37.36 million $36.54 million +2.25% +2.06% +2.25%


  • A science teacher, a music and an art teacher, four elementary school teachers, and four teacher's assistants are slated to be cut if this budget is approved. The hours of one school nurse position will also be reduced.
  • Other cuts include library books at Cutchogue East Elementary, cuts to BOCES performing arts programs, reduction in technological upgrades, clubs at both the elementary school and junior-senior high school, less summer guidance counselor hours, fewer BOCES occupational education students, and cuts in athletic equipment and health services.
Spending Amount Change from 2010-11 Percentage Change from 2010-11 Salaries $400,515 +2.22 Contractual Expenses $85,987 +2.06 Supplies -$36,213 -5.79 Equipment -$18,815 -8.53 Textbooks -$281 -.24 BOCES -$338,218 -13.27 Undistributed $730,932 6.75
  • Technology upgrades such as replacing computers and smart boards will still be maintained under this budget.
  • Eco-friendly building upgrades will still be maintained.
  • Most extra-curricular activities will also be supported with this budget.
  • There will be less staff development, capital projects and repairs, less athletic equipment, and larger class sizes under this budget.

If the budget is adopted, there will be a 2.06 percent increase in the tax levy and a 2.25 percent tax rate increase. The tax rate for a $600,000 house assessed at $6,300 in Southold Town would result in a $80.57 annual increase.

If the budget is voted down, a contingency budget will be adopted at a 1.92 percent spending increase and a 1.77 percent estimated tax increase resulting in a $80.39 annual increase on a $600,000 house assessed at $6,300 in Southold Town.


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