Don't Miss: 'High School Musical' At Mattituck High

The show will be performed on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

A favorite show will unfold in Mattituck this weekend as students perform in "High School Musical."

Mattituck High School students will perform "Disney's High School Musical" on Friday and Saturda at 7:30 p.m. in the Mattituck High School auditorium.

Tickets cost $10 for general admission and $5 for kids 12 and under and will be sold at the door.

Anne Gilvarry, who co-directs the show with Jacob Fowle, chorus teacher at Mattituck High School, said she and Kyle Freudenberg, as well as all involved, are excited about the upcoming performances.

"This year is a very special year, as it's our fourth show since the Board of Education reinstated the musical for the first time since 1989," Gilvarry said. "That means that we have seniors in this year's show who have been in it since freshman year. They are our first 'graduating class' of the Mattituck Musical Theater Company. We are very proud."

In the director's note, Gilvarry said when the kids found out that they'd be performing the "iconic" show, "The students' reaction was amazing. We were filled with excitement as we listened to their screams of happiness and disbelief.  Some shared with us that they had 'grown up' with the 2006 Disney movie and it had 'been their dream' to one day play these characters.  In short, the room was filled with sheer joy."

The note goes on to read, "For the past three months, that feeling has not left this cast. They have enjoyed learning the songs — or revisiting the songs they've been singing since elementary school — doing the dances, and putting their own spin on these characters. We've always told the cast that this show is about the essence of musical theater: joy, fun, and pure energy."

The show also is filled with milestones, directors said: The performance will showcase the largest cast ever, as well as the highest number of male actors on the stage. It's also the debut of student choreographers Caroline Keil and Jamie Stonemetz. 

And, for the first time, teachers will also be performing in the musical.  

"After four years of musicals, we are so proud of the growth this musical theater program has seen, thanks to our cast, crew, school administration, and the families who continue to support this program. Thanks, moms and dads," the program reads.

Marissa Russo, a Mattituck High School graduate who was instrumental in bringing musicals back to the stage there, said she was thrilled about the show choice.

"I'm overjoyed to see musicals happening at Mattituck; it's still surreal to me," Russo said. "I think it's great that they are doing 'High School Musical' because it shows how stereotypes exist in schools and how no one social group is better than the other. The thing I love about the Mattituck Musical Theater Company is that so many students have gotten involved — many who had never set foot in the theatre before. This speaks right to the heart of 'High School Musical.' Students all coming together for a common goal and the betterment of their school community. I'm really proud of this year's cast, as always. It is amazing to see how many students, and faculty members, are involved this year. I hope I can make it home to see it."


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