It's All About Snakes

Find out if a snake will make a great pet for your kids.

Wooooo whooo today's blog is about snakes that are great for children.

Now, you might be thinking "a snake is a good pet how" well let me tell you why they make awesome pets. Number one thing is that they are super easy to care for, they only eat one a week, spot cleaned every week, whole bedding changed every couple of months, not aggressive, and children who have allergies can have snakes.

I'm just going to put this out here now, SNAKES are not slimy at all, they are actually very smooth. And yes, some snakes can bite, but the ones we sell for children do not, and I will repeat, do not. The only way the snake will bite is if they are mistreated by dropped alot or not feeding them, other than that they is no ther way to get a snake mad.

To keep a snake friendly for the rest of his or hers life is that you don't feed them in their home cage, you always want to put the snake in a smaller container for feeding. When you feed your snake in their "home" take, they are going to start thinking that every time you out your hand in the cage it's feeding time and that when they strike. So, when you put them in a smaller container they know not to strike till they see their food. Bet most of you didn't know that!!!!

The type of snakes that we mostly sell here are baby ball pythons, corn snakes, gopher snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, red tail boas, rat snakes, and kenyan sand boas. The snakes that I prefer to sell to children are corn snakes, ball pythons and gopher snakes only because they are the easier of the snakes to take care of and handle. The other snakes can be more squirmy.

We like to try to feed all of our snakes frozen mice which are alot cheaper and parents don't have t worry about killing a mouse. The only snake that doesn't eat frozen here are the ball pythons because they usually don't take the frozen.

I personally feed all of my snakes here between 7-10 days depending how hungry they look. But, most people think they only need one mouse a week, that is incorrect, all snakes are different. Such as our baby corn snakes eats 3 frozen pinkie mice a week, gophers eat between 3-4 frozen rat pups and our baby ball pythons eat 2-3 live mice crawlers.

Another cool thing about snakes is that they don't need to have another snake as a friend, unlike most reptiles we like to sell them in pairs. But snakes are just as happy being single or together. Also when you go away for vacation or doing something over the weekend, you don't have to work about them that much at all, when you go away just keep a heatamitter on the tank 24/7 and you don't have to worry abut feeding it unless you are going away for longer than 10 days, and another thing just have a friend or neighbor check the water every couple of days. When you come back from vacation, just switch his light to his old day and night bulbs.

Now, if you have anymore questions just give us a call, (631) 653-3300. Open Mondays-Saturdays 10-6 and Sundays from 11-4 :)

CB Baby Ball Python $99.99 CB Corn Snake Baby $39.99CB Albino Corn Snake $59.99CB Gopher Snakes $36.99

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