Zeldin Tops Demos in GOP Congressional Primary

Current state senator heads to a rematch with Rep. Tim Bishop.

Lee Zeldin will face Rep. Tim Bishop in November. (Photo via Facebook/Lee Zeldin)
Lee Zeldin will face Rep. Tim Bishop in November. (Photo via Facebook/Lee Zeldin)
Lee Zeldin has won the Republican primary in the 1st Congressional District. 

With nearly all districts reporting, Zeldin, a current state senator, leads George Demos, a former federal prosecutor, by a margin of 9,599-5,787. 

Zeldin, of Shirley, is a U.S. Army veteran and served in Iraq. He is currently a lawyer and a major in the U.S. Army Reserve. 

Zeldin's primary victory sets up a rematch with six-term incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop on Nov. 4. Zeldin lost to the Democrat Bishop in 2008. 

The 1st Congressional District includes the East End, the Town of Brookhaven and parts of the Town of Smithtown. 

Are you happy with the results of the primary? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Robert Fishman July 02, 2014 at 07:18 AM
knee jerk is everything that is wrong with this country. a coward hurling digs, that are lies, at folks who want to return to what this country stood for and what made it great. Things like hard work, personal responsibility, limited government control, telling the truth and defending freedom not only here in the US but throughout the world. knee jerk is lying to further his agenda. knee jerk is hurling insults to somehow substitute for the truth, no facts just BS. When a logical, intelligent person see his rants they know what they are dealing with....the other 47% who has failed in life and wants to see others fail too.....ie misery loves company, takers, demanders. @jerk....here are some facts about your boy "Timmy". Under congressional investigation for repeatedly shaking down his constituents for money....big money. Voted to spend the middle class's money to support non workers and illegal aliens who came to steal from the taxpayer. Voted for Obamacare to control your life and take away your doctor and freedoms. Paid his daughter hundreds of thousands to take photos of him for his campaigns. Has done nothing in office, zero. Did not create a single job here on Long Island. Just a bloated hack sucking the life out of Long Island taxpayers. Stealing along the way. @JERK....would Timmy still be Timmy if he were Republican? Nope, you would be foaming at the mouth screaming for his head like your brethren Wall Street gang. As for Zelden......seems like another life long hack to me. Did zero as State Senator. Didn't even return my calls to his office on issues he should have. Seems to have made a lot of claims in his primary campaign that are a bit unbelievable too. But, anything is better that a lying thief....
Robert Fishman July 02, 2014 at 07:19 AM
kudos for his service to our country! for that he is my guy regardless of his mediocre track record when it comes to being fiscally conservative.
knee jerk July 02, 2014 at 09:20 AM
WHEW, Bob, talk about rants. I think you went off on a tangent. You started on me, then Timmy, then Zelden. Eventually you got around to endorsing Zelden after calling him a lifelong hack who did zero as State Senator, who wouldn't return your calls (insulting) and made unbelievable claims in his primary run. I'm sure he's proud to get YOUR endorsement which you could have summed up as being the "lesser of two zero's".
Robert Fishman July 06, 2014 at 09:08 AM
Really, I started on you? Amazing. Crook or Vet. I pick the VET. You did get one thing right "TIMMY" is a zero for sure. He has proven that with his record of zero jobs and voting in lockstep with his leader the disgrace Pelosi who may represent a small twisted liberal world in Cali but not this country. Give me one accomplishment of your boy "TIMMY" the crook. Other than allowing the take over of my Long Island by endless streams of illegals stealing from the middle class taxpayer in the form of dozens of handouts. This makes his rich constituency happy as they have slaves to wipe their arses....and I am called a racist by the likes of you....
knee jerk July 06, 2014 at 10:02 AM
I do not specifically call anyone a racist because I believe everyone, in some way or another, is a racist. Show me where I called you a racist. I vote for "Timmy" to prevent the takeover of our government by fringe elements , specifically the "Tea Party". This is but one of his many accomplishments.


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