Town Questions Sports Complex in Light of Riverhead YMCA

With private funds growing for a proposed Riverhead YMCA, the Southold Town Board questions the feasibility of a new Southold gym and pool facility.

Though a and subsequent c have indicated a need for an indoor pool and sporting facility in town, Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell and other town board members are considering how ambitious the facility should be with a Riverhead YMCA proposal moving forward.

The Riverhead News-Review reported this week that Peconic YMCA has raised $6 million of the $8 million needed to construct a YMCA in Riverhead Town, originally proposed 10 years ago. Though sites such as the Enterprise Park at Calverton and Riverside Drive in Riverhead have been considered, the group is now eyeing points as far west as the terminus of the Long Island Expressway and as far east as Jamesport.

A Jamesport location would meet the requested recreational needs of the western half of Southold Town and would require the planning and park and recreation departments to reconsider how ambitious a new Southold sports complex should be, said Supervisor Russell at this week’s work session.

“Riverhead has their own committee working to establish this facility, and the Town Board is seemingly in support of it,” Russell said.

Special projects coordinator Phil Beltz said that he’s working on a cost benefit analysis of a new Southold pool and gym complex and is locating people with experience in grant writing to help get grant funding for such a project.

Amy K. Martin December 25, 2011 at 09:18 PM
Why would Riverhead's possibly getting a YMCA have anything to do with the need for an indoor pool & community center in Southold? We have long believed that the lack of community pool is a detriment to the health and safety of our Town's residents. All children in a town surrounded by water should learn to swim at an early age, the schools should have access to include swimming as a sport to help encourage health & fitness, while working people and Seniors should have the best low-impact exercise available. As Greenport residents, we not likely to drive that far west for regular exercise. -I guess this means The town board was thinking only of Mattituck as a possible pool location rather than a central location such as in/near Southold Hamlet that would serve all the residents as well as be a wonderful addition for all of our High Schools's to have swim teams. ....please remember Greenport, East Marion & Orient residents should also have ready access to anything considered "Southold Town"---if you truly want to have our Hamlets survive, stop sending us west for services....
Diana Van Buren December 27, 2011 at 12:55 PM
I am in complete agreement with the comment by Amy Martin. A pool in Riverhead will not serve the residents of Southold town. Driving back and forth from Greenport/Orient/East Marion/Southold/Cutchogue/Peconic to Riverhead to swim for exercise takes time and money, both of which are in short supply for students, parents and working people.
Chris McManus January 06, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Agreed! Considering the drive time from Greenport, East Marion and Orient to Riverhead or even Jamesport, why wouldn't Southold Township serve all residents. In fact, it's quite a drive from Southold, Peconic or even Cutchogue. Southold politicians should focus on the residents of Southold and what is right for our town. Let Riverhead focus on Riverhead issues.
RH Rogers March 11, 2012 at 11:12 PM
A facility can and should be built by the Town of Southold; not a YMCA. The Town land is Town Owned; we have space available to build and competent instructors and a Recreation Department well capable of staffing the location. Remenber, the YMCA pays no Real Estate Taxes, can undercut any private enterprise,in all its recreatonal programs, regarding dollar for dollar cost factors. The Town Facility would be paid by residents, for their use. Don't believe in their good heart the YMCA will open its doors for students and children in the afternoons. Just check the Huntington or Glen Cove YMCA's schedule for pool use etc.and you will fing the members come last. It is my understanding the Riverhead School District offered property in exchange for use time for swim team pratice. But guess What: the YMCA said No Thanks. My Oh Y Oh Y Go where the money is Motto.


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