Southold Town To Update Pooper Scooper Law

Board to pass resolution to change ‘pooper scooper’ law to more comprehensive wetlands law.

With and the new Sup with pet waste, officials plan to pass a resolution Tuesday night to make this town’s existing ‘pooper scooper’ law more comprehensive and effective.

The Town’s existing pooper scooper law requires dog owners to pickup after their pets on all town properties, public and private, and specifically forbids dog owners to leave behind pet feces on town parks and beaches. It is up to each individual property owner to allow pet waste to remain.

But Deputy Director of Public Works Jeff Standish told the board during work session Tuesday morning that the accumulation of dog waste at the town’s new dog park in Peconic is “getting out of control” — even with signs and bags available at the park.

“It’s hard to weed-wack or do any maintenance,” he said.

Supervisor Scott Russell suggested putting up a sign that the park would be shut down if people didn’t clean up after their dogs.

“If we can’t enforce the pooper scooper law on Town-owned land then we can’t enforce it anywhere,” he said.

Town Attorney Martin Finnegan said that the updated wetlands law would include the requirement to clean up after all pets including dogs, and it would also make feeding of seagulls subject to police enforcement in town.

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Erin Schultz June 05, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Gwynn Schroeder said on Facebook: "We need to address the biggest culprit - human waste and cesspools that leach nitrogen into our ground and surface waters."
Dorian June 06, 2012 at 11:18 AM
I have a daily dog-walking job on Soundview Ave/Lloyd's Lane/ Reeve & Saltaire neighborhood. Everyday I pick up after these dogs & everyday I see more mounds left behind by others. Brought this to the town once already. It's just my point of view, but I don't see the big problem in simply picking up after your dog.
Linda Auriemma June 06, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Sadly, dog waste IS a serious problem, but it's certainly not the only one. I'm a life-long dog lover in New Suffolk, where we have water and the Bay all around us, yet, despite the law and frequent public discussion/campaigning by our Civic Association, there are still people who do not pick up. A few are residents; others just come to walk their dogs on the Town beach - in total disregard of the signs that clearly say - NO DOGS ALLOWED ON BEACH. Getting rid of dog waste pollution is an easy fix - just pick it up and dispose of it properly. What's so hard about that??? Now, septic, cesspools and nitrogen....that's another story!
Peggy Dow June 09, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Regarding your Dog Park. A couple of years ago, her in Florida, we looked at property to buy that was a former Dog Park at one time until they decided to use the land to build a house on it. It had been cleared of all dog waste but after a year of not being used, the Park still had a dog poop odor to it. It filtered through our clothes after just walking around on the property. I am not a proponent of Dog Parks at all after witnessing and actually being on a former Dog Park property.I don't know if the odor will ever go away. It was terrible.
Rich from the East End June 09, 2012 at 01:16 AM
The town should consider how to empower the summer "traffic control" hires as well as park attendants and lifeguards as authorized to issue "tickets" for violation of pooper scooper law. I think it is as important as obeying the parking rules. the nitrogen in the ground can be addressed by a more expensive system. Also the Town "leave bags" should not give instructions of adding nitrogen fertilizer to lawns. Rather it could point out the damage such runoff does to the Bay and endcourage alternatives. I am surprised at the concern over the Dog Park. I have been there only 2-3 times recently but each time it was clean and I have only observed other dog owners as being careful to pick up.


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