Southold GOP Round-Up: Republicans Gear Up For November Elections

With the Nov. 8 elections just around the corner, Southold Town Republicans are preparing for a busy month of campaigning.

With just over a month until Election Day,Republican Chairman Denis Noncarrow and Town Council Candidate Jill Doherty both said the general public has been quiet about the upcoming November election.

“Most people are so worried about national events they are not paying attention to local politics,” Noncarrow said.

Experience has taught Doherty to keep things civil during the campaign season, and she said she always thinks of herself as running for a position and not running against another person.

“The public will decide who they think the best person for the job is,” Doherty said.

Here's a rundown of GOP candidates for Southold Town Supervisor, Council, Trustee, Tax Receiver, and Justice:


R-Scott Russell: Prior to his election as Southold Town Supervisor in 2005, incumbent Scott Russell spent 15 years as a town assessor, served as a legislative aide to William Carney, and worked as an assistant in a law firm.

During his tenure as supervisor, Russell has established a fund balance, which has helped the town earn an Aa2 bond rating. He has also started an update to the town’s comprehensive Master Plan.

Town Council

R-Jill Doherty: Doherty is in her sixth year on the Southold Town Board of Trustees and serves as its president. Before taking time off to raise her children, Doherty was a clerk for the trustees' office and for the planning department.

As a trustee, Doherty has worked to reduce the effects of road runoff, making the wetlands code more user-friendly, and helped rebuild boat ramps in New Suffolk and at

R-William Ruland: A lifelong farmer, Ruland is driven to keep Southold Town’s rural nature. He has served on the town board for four years, was a long-time member of the Board of Education, served as president and vice president of the Long Island Farm Bureau, is a Deacon at the Calvary Baptist Church in Riverhead, and won the Conservative Patriots Award earlier this year.

As part of the board, Ruland's main focus is helping the town curb spending.

Receiver of Taxes

R-George Sullivan: Sullivan has served as receiver of taxes for 15 years. He earned an MBA from New York University in taxation and is a Certified Public Accountant. During his time in office, he established an online tax payment system and has established a relationship with a local bank for customers to pay taxes at.

As a Marine Corps officer, Sullivan was awarded the Purple Heart and Navy Cross. He is involved with area veterans groups and helped in the construction of the Suffolk County Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


R-Bob Ghosio: Ghosio is vice president of the Board of Trustees, where he helped write Southold’s Town Wetlands Permit Stipulations vs. Property Owner Compliance Study. He was also president of the town’s Conservation Advisory Council and a member of the Stormwater Runoff Committee.

Ghosio resides in Greenport with his wife and son.

R-James King: King has been a commercial lobsterman since 1964 and has served as a trustee since 1996. As a trustee, he monitors water quality at 15 stations throughout the town and helped develop and implement the Southold Town Wetland and Shellfish codes. Over the years, King has served on the Shellfish Advisory Committee and New York Marine Resources Advisory Council.

Town Justice

R-Rudolph Bruer: Since 1996, Bruer has served as a justice in Southold, where he has maintained his private law practice for the past 46 years. He is a member of both the New York State and Suffolk County Bar Associations.


Erin Schultz October 06, 2011 at 01:52 PM
Gregg Charles said on Facebook: "uy"
Vin Ricciardi October 08, 2011 at 11:39 AM
We're quiet not because we're solely worried about national events, there are no issue's in this election. Save Medicare? The Democratic Supvr has no authority to effect any change on the Federal program. Have Gov't worker's contribute more to their retirement? The Republican Supvr has no authority to effect any change on the State program. That only leaves taxes, taxes, taxes. The Republican's think they're doing great by not practicing any fiscal restraint and ONLY raising our taxes 2.79%. What a bargain! I haven't heard of a fiscal plan, other than abolish an elected position, from the Democrats. So here we are again - having the same governmental representative with more tax money in the till, no matter which party is elected. It's time to move to Texas, the number 1 job creation state in the union.
forward thinking October 13, 2011 at 09:25 PM
texas 13.4 % poverty level compared to fla and ny at just over 10%... when local does not worry nationally that's how wash'ton gets entitlements -


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