Roast Coffee Requests 15-Minute Parking Spots

Shop on Main Street says it can better serve its customers with two 15-minute parking spots out front.

When the Patchogue branch of Bridgehampton National Bank is closed and parking is tight around the Village, it can be a chore to find a parking space to run into Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company

With that in mind, Evan Closson, the co-owner of Roast, asked the Patchogue Village Board Monday night to consider making two spots in front of the shop 15-minute parking. 

"We are a quick serve business so we believe this will help us accommodate our customers better," Closson said, adding that when the bank is closed and there's no quick access to the shop from the back lot, there's "no good short-term parking left."

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Mayor Paul Pontieri said the board would look into the request. Parking meters are slated to be installed on Main Street at some point this year. 

Feedback on our Facebook page regarding the 15-minute parking spots was largely positive. Here's a few of the responses:

Jennifer Ann Krieger: I think it's a good idea. Kind of like the spot in front of the food places so that you can run in and grab take out!

Deanna Jane: They should! I don't want to walk through an alley by myself to get the best drinks ever....I do, but that doesn't mean I like to. 

Carol Reitz-Butler: 15 minutes is just not long enough, especially for mothers of young children and all their attendant paraphernalia. I want to see spots freed up more than anyone on this thread, but I don't want my customers to feel pressured, either.

Michael Leaning: The whole street should be 15 min. It really makes sense for a lot of businesses, not just Roast.

Judy Pepenella January 16, 2013 at 03:02 PM
I LOVE the idea of ALL of Main Street being a short burst plarking timeframe. This would mean constant flow of traffic AND customers on Main Street and STOP employees and/or visitors from parking all day on the street. I appreciate the 15 minute concept, but as a Mom I think the idea of 30 minutes is better. Enforcement wise the VIllage would have to HIRE (Pay salaries, benefits and pension) to cover the needed employees to walk up and down the Main Street area otherwise the signs (which will cost the tax payers) will just be for show. A 30 minute time frame allows for a mom with kids OR a senior citizen (Both slow movers) to get in and out of the store AND is more realistic for ONE person to monitor the block.
Al 17 January 16, 2013 at 04:35 PM
The Mayor has the right idea. Parking meters are the way to go. It would help cover the expense of enforcement so the taxpayer is not left to shoulder the entire cost. Also, it allows the patrons to decide how long they want to pay to park on Main Street. Some people need extra time as you noted, still others plan to visit several stores.It should also discourage most store employees as most people will not pay to go to work. I understand the concern that Roast has. But if they were truly a quick serve business, they wouldn't put out tables and chairs or have acoustic music inside which enourages lingering. If they abandoned those things, I would take their concerns more seriously. Maybe they should look into installing a rear entrance, if that's possible. Several places have one for the very reasons they describe.
Wayne D. January 16, 2013 at 06:13 PM
I agree with the 30 minute parking time but why not hire part time employees therefore no benefits or pensions to burden the cause, I am sure there would be plenty of applicants unless the positions are taken up by village employees friends and family first...


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