Reinforcement Boulders to Be Placed Along Soundview Avenue

Over one year after the winter storms of 2010-11, Southold Town workers will place boulders along a vulnerable slope of Soundview Avenue in Southold.

Those boulders you've been seeing sitting stoically alongwill be moved this week to reinforce Soundview Avenue, which has been closed to public access for over a year.

Wind and waves from not only washed away much of Town Beach and its parking lot, pounding waves destroyed several houses along Hashamomuck Cove and undermined a portion of Soundview Avenue. The Town has received financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to reinforce the most vulnerable slope of the Soundside roadway with the boulders.

"This way, the wave action will hit the rocks instead of undermine and erode the road," said Engineer James Richter. "If the roadway was not in danger of collapsing, FEMA would have not gotten involved."

Workers will move boulders down the beach on Tuesday and begin to set the stone wall on Wednesday, Richter said.


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