Phillips, Robins, Swiskey to Run for Greenport Village Board

Three candidates have petitioned to run for two vacant seats.

Two seats are up for grabs on the Greenport Village Board, and three residents have committed to running.

Incumbent Mary Bess Phillips, Julia Robins and former board member Bill Swiskey have filed petitions to run for village trustee, the vote for which takes place on March 19 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Greenport Firehouse on Third Street.

Phillips, the owner of Alice's Fish Market in Greenport, currently serves on the board and is looking to fill the seat again when her term is up this year. Robins, a real estate agent, is a member of the Greenport Village Planning Board and this is her first run for a seat on the board. Swiskey served one year on the board previously after winning a special election for a vacant seat in 2008.

The terms for the two seats begin April 1 of this year and run through April 2 of 2017.

Stay tuned for more information and profiles of the three candidates on North Fork Patch.

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Oysterponds Art February 14, 2013 at 02:26 PM
Good for for Julia Robins! Best to her as she runs for her spot on the Village Board and her quest to join forces with Mary Bess Phillips etc., on the updated Board. Julia has a track record of being an advocate for all-things-Greenport. She has family roots and business interests in Greenport all of which will contribute positively to her abilities to calmly and cooperatively contribute to the spirit of cooperation that is key to moving the village forward. Go Julia!
John February 16, 2013 at 09:40 PM
" contribute to the spirit of cooperation that is key to moving the village forward." God knows if just saying it only made it so. With all due respect, you and Ms Robins and I must have been attending different Village Board meetings over the better part of the last decade. The only cooperation I have observed was Trustees agreeing to every ill conceived, less than fiscally responsible idea this Mayor has come up with. The Trustees pander to the Mayor, who panders to special interest, driving the Village taxpayers deeper into debt. Hopefully Ms. Robins will be an independent thinker willing to put the Village in front of personal gain as is the motive of her running mate Trustee Phillips.
Gary M Charters February 28, 2013 at 12:40 PM
I believe the voters in the Village should be looking towards electing a person that has the best interest of Greenport as there number one priority not a trustee(s) that continue to throw road blocks in every bit of public information that should be made available immediately not wait two weeks so we can call three village officials to see if that person might be a threat or not. They need a person that is willing to answer questions at a public meeting when asked, not we don't answer questions because we don't like you. Let's return honesty and integrity to the Village Board. ELECT WILLIAM SWISKEY VILLAGE TRUSTEE!


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