Many More North Forkers Donating to Obama Campaign

Individual contributions to Romney campaign higher, on average.

Wednesday morning, Patch offered a shortcut to allow locals to take a look at who's donating how much, to whom, in the 2012 presidential race.

Taking the names out of it, we decided to take a look at how much each North Fork hamlet is donating to their causes of choice. The results are below.

North Fork residents have donated over $90,000 to President Barack Obama's campaign, compared to about $23,000 for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The average North Fork donation to Obama's campaign gave $165.15. And as the numbers show, there were more than 13 times the number of Obama donations made than for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

However donations to the Romney campaign totaled, on average, more – $571.59 to be exact, over three times the average Obama donation.

Those numbers could be altered following Wednesday night though, as the two face off in their first debate, starting at 9 p.m.

While seven North Fork residents (five Obama supporters, two Romney) maxed out their $5,000 individual contribution to each campaign, the totals tallied here pale in comparison to a single donation made by one Long Islander. Setauket resident James Simons, the nation's top donor to super PACs supporting Democratic causes, has given $4 million to four different groups hoping to swing the election outcome.

What do you think of North Forkers' donation totals? Have you, or will you, donate to a campaign? Or have to given your money to a super PAC - or given it to neither candidate? Let us know in the comments.

Hamlet Romney Donations Donation total ($) Obama Donations Donation total ($) Aquebogue 7 583 18 4,705 Cutchogue 9 2,885 119 16,193 East Marion 3 300 6 1,200 Fishers I. 5 3,500 12 870 Greenport 2 400 64 19,352 Jamesport 0 0 18 1,318 Laurel 0 0 4 52 Mattituck 8 10,550 61 4,621 New Suffolk 0 0 51 2,510 Orient 2 300 37 5,863 Orient Pt. 0 0 3 40 Peconic 4 2,750 13 184 Shelter I.0 0 0 77 19,037 S.I. Heights 0 0 14 2,650 S. Jamesport 0 0 13 1,241 Southold 8 2,750 56 15,373 Total 41 23,435 548 90,504


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