Is Bailie Beach the ‘Dog Beach’?

After dog attack, one Mattituck resident says dogs running free are out of control on Bailie Beach.

Mattituck resident Dan Catullo told the Board during Tuesday night’s meeting that he was recently attacked by two dogs running loose on in Mattituck and wants the board to create a town-wide rule that all dogs must be kept on leashes at beaches.

Catullo said that he believes Bailie Beach in particular is known as “the dog’s beach” and that he sees owners leashing their dogs only about 10 percent of the time.

“How and why does this happen?” he said. “Dogs aren’t allowed in town without leashes — there is a strict leash law in place, why not for beaches?”

Town Supervisor Scott Russell said that dogs are currently allowed to be on town-owned beaches but there is no leash law — only signs telling dog owners to pick up after their pets.

“But in New Suffolk were having the same issue of people complaining that dogs are running amuck on the beach there too,” Russell said. “Maybe it is time to revisit the issue.”

What do you think? Are dogs on Bailie Beach out of control and do you think a law prohibiting them should be created? Are there any other spots in town where you think leash-less dogs pose a safety threat? Let us know in the comment boxes below.

North Fork School for Dogs June 23, 2012 at 10:50 AM
I am not clear on the facts of the attack or how hurt the person was. I am sure the person been attacked was very scared. However, dog attacks are rare. You have higher chance of been attacked by a shark, killed by a donkey or tripping over your own slippers than been mauled by a dog. Let the poor dogs play!
Donna June 23, 2012 at 11:55 AM
The dogs can play yes, BUT, the owners of these dogs MUST BE RESPONSIBLE! I walk my dogs at the local beaches, but they are always leashed. They truly are good dogs and I know they won't stray, but I do not know what other dogs will do. Case in point, I was walking them a few weeks ago at a local Southold beach, they were both leashed, and another dog ran over and was growling at my dogs. Where the owner of that dog? She was about 20 feet away yelling to me 'my dog is friendly, it's ok!' Listen lady, it's not ok. Your dog just ran up on my two that were perfectly calm and now they are on guard becuase you can't be responsible for you dog. Needless to say I was the responsible owner and removed my dogs from that situation. The other owner still did nothing, except walk in the other direction while calling her dog. Dog attacks are rare, but when it happens, owner need to step up and take responsiblity for their dogs actioins. It's not the dogs fault. Oh and another thing, PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS! I do, it's not that hard to grab an IGA or King Kullen bag and take it with you.
Vin Ricciardi June 23, 2012 at 01:46 PM
How about creating a town beach just for the dogs. This way people have the choice of which beach they'll attend. All other beaches can be off-limits to dogs, May through September. Problem solved.
Patricia DelGiorno July 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM
I walk walk with my dog at Baile Beach and see other dog owners with their dogs, leashed and unleashed. Many of the dogs swim. I have NEVER seen an aggressive dog at the beach. The owners act responsibly and clean up after their pets. Moreover, I have often encountered the two dogs that were complained of, and found them to be friendly, non-aggressive animals. We need a place to run our dogs. Why not establish a schedule for dogs on beach, for instance before 10 a.m. and after 5 or 6 p.m . The "No Dogs Allowed" rule is arbitrary and unfair. Southhampton Town allows dogs on the beach, leashed or unleashed, as long as they are "under the control of the owner." Patricia DelGiorno
Jonathan Baker February 18, 2013 at 08:39 PM
It seems fair to dog owners for the town to restrict dogs to one town beach that would be shared with the public while prohibiting them from all others. Parents with children, and adults, would have peace of mind at those beaches sans dogs while people who are confident around strange dogs would have the choice of sharing the one designated beach with dogs and their owners. When I owned a dog, I went to Bailie Beach to let her swim and to fetch sticks or a tennis ball from the water. She loved it. I never thought it appropriate to take her to Breakwater Beach or Veteran's Beach. I don't think that a well-behaved dog needs to be leashed at the beach, as long as it obeys the commands of its owner. Those dogs that are unable to constrain themselves when exposed to the freedom of the beach should be tethered to a leash no longer than 15 - 20 feet, so that they can experience quasi-freedom while still being constrained. Dog owners must be responsible for controlling their dogs and should pick up after them - common courtesy and good hygiene. A requirement to have dogs leashed at all times is unnecessary, is burdensome and does not provide a beach experience sans dogs for those people who wish that experience for themselves and their children.


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