Greenport Village Notes: Sewer Rate Hike, Third Street Basketball Court Needs Facelift

Village Board members hash out resurfacing the Third Street basketball courts, a sewer rate hike and bringing in tall ships for Memorial Day 2012.

utilities director Jack Naylor proposed at Monday's Greenport Village work session a 5 percent hike to the village’s sewer rate next year to offset costs to debt service and needed upgrades to the pump and system-wide improvements.

Village rates for unmetered accounts will increase from $50.19 to $52.70 per month, while metered accounts will see an increase from $33.37 to $35.04 a month. Outside rates on unmetered accounts would rise from $60.67 to $63.70 per month and metered accounts would see a jump from $50.08 to $52.58.

Naylor said projects' additional increases would be necessary to cover the costs of the district over the coming years.

The village will hold a public hearing next month to get feedback on the proposed rate hike.

Basketball Court Repairs to Go Out to Bid

Trustee David Murray would like to see the Third Street basketball court resurfaced, widened and improved and said he hopes to find community members willing to oversee the court.

Murray said he has inspected the court and noted about 20 feet of a bad parking area that could be used to extend the court to give the kids a full court experience. He also said there were drainage issues that needed to be addressed. Most of the existing fencing can be reused and Murray estimated bids to resurface the court and move the baskets would come in around $25,000.

Mayor David Nyce said they village has performed a major park improvement each year and believes there is no reason why the basketball court could not be the next park improved.

“The first thing we need is to get the community involved. The people who live around there need to take pride in it and keep it up,” said Nyce.

Nyce also suggested looking into plantings to screen the noise and believes once the court is fixed the kids using the court will seek to maintain it.

Murray suggested putting the project out to bid.

American Sail Training Association to Sail into Village in 2012

Nyce has met with the American Sail Training Association in an effort to bring tall ships into the village over Memorial Day 2012.

At this point, Nyce said they are ready to sign a contract and the group has submitted a potential list of Class A and Class B ships to the village for review. The village will look to bring in four to six ships into the harbor for a three- to five-day period, depending on what the village can afford, said Nyce.

Each ship has an appearance fee of $20,000 to $40,000 and Nyce said the village needs to defray the costs using private sponsorships and public sources. The mayor feels the ships would bring a huge influx of people into the village over Memorial Day.

William Swiskey sr June 23, 2011 at 01:12 AM
Why does a fund projecting a surplus of about $180,000 need a rate hike. They should read there own financial statements, At the meeting Jack Naylor and the treasurer projected village debt from the STP upgrade will be about $2,000,000 borrowed from the state at 0% over 40 years, $50,000 a year leaving $130,000 a year to cover payments on other capital prodjects. They don't need a rate hike at this time
Gary M Charters August 22, 2011 at 07:56 PM
I would think that the Village could also turn to the school district for some financial information, 58% of Elementary Students and 32% of High School students are eligible for free and reduced lunch sounds like Greenport area is lacking in the well of area for money. In this case the math is a little different 5% of nothing is a lot of money. OPM (other peoples money) is easy for some to spend if a certain person were from the area they'd know how difficult it is to come up with more money.
Gary M Charters August 22, 2011 at 08:10 PM
Why do the people outside the village with village sewer service have to pay 33.35% more for their service than village residents. We live on the village line and our waste goes into the same pipe as village residents, does it cost that much more to process outside crap than inside crap?


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