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6:00 p.m. – Verity, David - This proposal is a standard subdivision of a 1.32 acre parcel into two lots where Lot 1= 0.60 acres (26,340 s.f.) and Lot 2 = 0.71 acres (31,057 s.f.) in the R-40 Zoning District. The property is located on the north corner of the intersection of Nakomis Road and Hiawatha's Path in Southold. SCTM#1000-78-3-26 

6:02 p.m. – Peconic Land Trust, Inc. Greenhouses - This proposed site plan is for two 16' x 24' (384 s.f.) greenhouses for agricultural use on a 21 acre (TDR) parcel in the R-80 Zoning District. The property is located at 3005 Youngs Avenue, ±1/4 mile south of Middle Road, Southold. SCTM#1000-63-1-25.3 & 4 

6:04 p.m. – T-Mobile NE at LIPA - This site plan is to up-grade and maintain a wireless facility with equipment area on an existing utility pole. The antennas are mounted on the exterior of the pole at a height of 84 feet located on an 8.3 acre site in the LB Zoning District. The property is located at 69685 NYS Route 25, ±500 ft. w/o Chapel Lane, Greenport. SCTM#1000-45-1-14.1




Platinum East Properties, LLC - This site plan is for the proposed construction of a 2,880 s.f. electrical contractor office/warehouse on 0.9 acres in the General Business (B) Zoning District. The property is located at 48205 Route 25, ±956.85' west of Ackerly Pond Lane, Southold. SCTM#1000-69-6-3




Verity, David - SCTM#1000-78-3-26.




North Fork Community Theater - This proposed lot line change will increase SCTM#1000-141-04-26 from 0.15 acres to 0.41 acres. SCTM#1000-141-04-32.1 will decrease from 2.613 acres to 2.35 acres. The property is located at 12700 Sound Avenue, on the south side of Sound Avenue, 197.02' east of Pacific Street, Mattituck.


Currie, Lawrence - This proposed Lot Line Modification transfers 0.67 acres from SCTM#1000-59-6-19.2 to SCTM#1000-59-6-18.1 and SCTM#1000-59-6-19.1.  SCTM#1000-59-6-19.2 decreased in size from 0.67 acres to 0.00 acres; SCTM#1000-59-6-18.1 increased from 0.27 acres to 0.67 acres, and SCTM#1000-59-6-19.1 increased from 0.24 acres to 0.51 acres. The property is located at 8415 Soundview Avenue, +/- 101.85 feet northeast of Kenny's Road, in Southold.




Ioannou, Constantine - This proposed standard subdivision is for 3 lots on 6.81 acres where Lot 1 equals 92,332 sq. ft., Lot 2 equals 124,679 sq. ft., inclusive of the 25' wide right-of-way, and Lot 3 equals 80,000 sq. ft. The property is located on the north side of State Road 25, 4,848 feet e/o Kayleigh's Court, in East Marion. SCTM#1000-23-1-14.7




Cornell, Clifford - This site plan is for a proposed 42' x 60' metal building for agricultural/farm storage to include tractors, plows, loaders and hops on an 8.5 acre parcel in the R-80 Zoning District. The property is located at 2325 Horton Lane, ±.25 miles south of CR 48, Southold. SCTM#1000-63-1-1.5


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