Losquadro Wins Tight Brookhaven Highway Chief Race

The state assemblyman poised to take over the job as scrutiny over the town's highway department remains high.

In a race that gained significant attention following Brookhaven's disastrous response to the Feb. 8 blizzard, State Assemb. Dan Losquadro, R-Shoreham, beat town councilwoman Kathy Walsh, scoring 51 percent of the vote with 294 out of 295 precincts reporting.

According to Newsday, Walsh conceded the election at campaign event in Medford.

As of 10:56 p.m., 23,501 residents turned out at the polls, voting 12,169 to 11,332 in favor of Losquadro, according to Suffolk County Board of Elections results, a low turnout considering the town has close to 300,000 registered voters.

Losquadro was named Brookhaven's Republican candidate early in January. Walsh, formerly a Republican, changed party affiliations and registered as an Independence party member after the Republican committee went with Losquadro as its candidate. She was later endorsed by the Brookhaven Democratic Committee to run on that party line in the highway superintendent race.

The vacancy was created after former highway superintendent John Rouse was voted in as a county judge.

Losquadro won Tuesday despite attempts by several write-in candidates to score votes away from the candidates. Losquadro may also have staved off a push from gun rights supporters to back Walsh as retaliation for the assemblyman's vote for the New York's strict new gun control law.

The win for Losquadro sets up a special election to fill his Assembly seat; he was re-elected to his state post this past November.

The highway superintendent race gained more attention in the aftermath of the blizzard in February, during which the town was widely criticized for leaving many streets unplowed for days.

HERE FOR THE SAME REASON March 09, 2013 at 01:09 AM
Okokokok. The world is a corupt unforgiving place for the citizen and taxpayer. The pawns (front line employees for the town) only vote there paycheck. This forum is great only if it nets results. Organization and clear funneled actions will keep us in charge. My thoughts are many but this has to be the foundation. Those who are serious keep this string going and ill get back to all of you with my ideas and please get back to all of us with yours. The threat of losing ones job always keeps one working hard, let that be our thought guidance.
HERE FOR THE SAME REASON March 09, 2013 at 02:12 PM
2nd amendment, another one of those checks and balances our fathers of this country thought of. Slowly or as the left wing puts it "progressively" our country shifts to the values of failing countries. "If its not broke don't fix it" there is a reason why our country is where it is after 237 years. Our country was built with hard work ethics. Now its about coming to this country and see what you can get for free. We have absolutley healthy people fighting with every ounce of their spirit to not have to work. This country gets what it deserves and what its asking for. Because once we are truly broke they will starve to death when no one has it to give them.
Patchogue Snoop March 11, 2013 at 08:28 PM
Here.... I hope your read Liberty and Tyranny! Check out the latest news on immigration. Our Fed rep Bishop says it is good for America! Look at the attendee list. All will benefit from slave labor......someones union job making a fair wage is in jeopardy. If you are a union worker just look at the apartment project in Patchogue. See who stole those construction jobs from unemployed americans??? Swing by a homebuilding site and see who is doing all the skilled labor work for 8 bucks an hour. And we hear this all the time from the DEMS, who aim to addict all newcomers to this country with handouts(taxpayer money),so they can get their votes. All those promises(lies) from these folks of a utopian life......yeah right.....nothing like a good Brooklyn Housing Project to see how that destroyed the human spirit of the vulnerable....just so these so called progressive pols can ride their high horses and be a member of the elite. Where else in the world can you drive a business into bankruptcy, run for office and became the worlds smartest person....right here in Southhampton and the good ole USA!


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