Blizzard Welcomes New Highway Superintendent's First Day on Job

Vincent Orlando is jumping in feet first to his new position.

Not a full two days into his new gig as Southold Town Highway Superintendent, Vincent Orlando got a little welcome present from Mother Nature — a blizzard expected to slam the North Fork with almost a foot of snow.

But Orlando, a former Southold Town councilman who replaces longtime Highway Superintendent Pete Harris, is handling word of the coming storm with composure.

"It happens in the northeast in the winter," he said.

Orlando said crews had already treated all town roads with salt and sand Thursday, and highway department personnel were keeping a close eye on the forecast while getting the trucks ready.

Thursday afternoon, Orlando said, Southold roads were wet but passable; crews were using the lull to rest up for the long night ahead.

"This is a talented highway department, a well-oiled machine," Orlando said. "It may be my first day on the job, but we have a very talented staff; they all know their routes."

Orlando also credited Curt Davids, Deputy Superintendent of Highways, for his experience. 

"The crews know where all the drifts are going to be," Orlando said.

The good news, he said, is that two feet of snow aren't expected. The bad is that up to a foot could accumulate, with drifting on County Road 48. Although Suffolk County maintains that roadway, the town is responsible for a small portion, he said.


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