Update: Bishop to Request Hand Recount on Tuesday

Bishop spokesman: "We're ready to go into court tomorrow."

As , Rep. Tim Bishop, D - Southampton, will ask a Suffolk County judge to issue a hand recount of all the ballots cast in the First Congressional Race. While previously reported that Bishop would make that request on Monday, a conversation with Bishop's spokesman, Jon Schneider, confirmed that the four-term congressman will ask for a hand recount on Tuesday.

The call for a hand count came after a recanvasss by the Board of Elections announced on Friday evening that Bishop's 3,461-vote lead over Republican challenger Randy Altschuler had evaporated into a 392-vote deficit. Over 10,000 absentee ballots have yet to be counted.

"I don't know if we could have got a recount request in today," Schneider said. "Our attorney has been speaking with Mr. Altschuler's attorney today. Our understanding is the other side is considering it. We're ready to go into court tomorrow, though it would be better if both sides went together."

Rob Ryan, senior communications manager for Altschuler, said on Monday morning that Friday's recanvass had fixed the human error made in the rush of Tuesday's elections.

"There is no evidence whatsoever that casts the integrity of the voting machines in doubt," Ryan said. "It has all been a matter of human error in the reports that were sent to the Board of Elections on election night."

Ryan was unavailable for comment Monday afternoon in response to Schneider's comments.

Both candidates have reached out to supporters asking for donations to support a potential legal battle. Steven Losquadro, counsel for the Suffolk County Republican Committee, noted last week that validity of voting machines had been questioned in the courts before.

Assemblyman Marc Alessi, D - Shoreham, announced on Sunday his support for a hand recount as well. After a recanvass , he is expected to call for a hand recount as well. Phone calls to his office were unreturned.


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