Sister of Man Shot in Flanders: 'They Took My Baby From Me'

Demitri Hampton was Jennifer Nicole Davis' little brother, whom she cared for as her own.

After Demitri Hampton, 21, was shot and killed by armed intruders at his Flanders home early Sunday, his broken-hearted family was left searching for answers.

"They took my little brother for no reason," Jennifer Nicole Davis, Hampton's sister, said. "They took my little baby from me."

Growing up, Davis said, her mother, Juanita, often had to work, leaving Davis in charge of her younger brother, Demitri.

Describing him, Davis could barely speak through her tears. "He was a character," she said. "He made everyone laugh. He just always wanted to laugh and joke and play. He was a good kid."

Hampton, she said, had graduated from Riverhead High School and was attending Suffolk County Community College.

While in high school, Hampton, who liked sports, played basketball with the Blue Waves and also enjoyed football, she said.

"He was just an all-around good kid," she said. "He was a goofball."

Taking care of him when he was younger, Davis said she made sure he was ready for school each day.

"We used to play with little toy cars," she said; Davis also remembered laughter-filled holidays spent singing karaoke with her brother.

Hampton, she said, adored his family, including his older brother Jamal and little cousin Tisha. 

"He liked to hang out with his friends," she said. "He had a lot going for him."

Looking toward the future, Davis said her brother was "all over the place."

One minute he wanted to be like someone from 'CSI,' doing criminal scene investigation, she said; the next, he wanted to model and act. 

Reflecting on how her brother died, Davis said she was filled with anger.

"When I was growing up, my responsibility was to take care of my little brother -- that was the baby. I was like another mom. He was a good child."

Their family, Davis said, has seen tragedy in recent months, losing their grandmother last year.

Her mother, Davis said, is overwhelmed with grief over the loss of her youngest child.

The future, Davis said, was irrevocably altered Sunday morning when her brother lost his life.

"I have a 16-month-old son and he won’t ever get to play with his uncle," she said, sobbing. "I have a niece -- she loved her uncle. It's going to be hard. They took our baby from us."

Her baby brother, Davis said, "had a lot of people that loved him. "They took away a good kid. It will never be the same."

sandra richards January 28, 2013 at 09:04 PM
Your brother and my son were inseparable in middle and high school. He spent a lot of time at my house. He was always respectful and as u stated a lot of fun. My son n Demetri remained friends, n had just spoke late friday night. I couldn't believe it when my son woke me up on Sunday morning to tell me the news. Such a awful n tragic end. Demetri your smile will always remain in my heart n mind. My blessings to his mom and family.
gerri benkov January 29, 2013 at 12:01 AM
Jen....our prayers to you and your family. god bless...
Renee B. January 30, 2013 at 05:30 PM
May God help the family through this terrible tragedy. My prayers go out for them through their suffering and pain. I don't understand how someone can break in someone else's home to take what they worked hard for and kill someone who fights to protect what is theirs. I hope whoever did this and caught soon. Something needs to stop the gun violence.
valerie January 30, 2013 at 07:58 PM
I dont know you or your family. But am writing to you with the deepest of sympathy. Im am so very sorry for your senseless loss. I prayer for you and your family. I hope that justice for your little brother comes quickly. Peace be with you
Pastor Glenda E McMillan January 31, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Jennifer on behalf of the entire McMillan Family we are praying for and with you. Our families were so close growing up and it saddens me to receive this news concerning your brother. God knows best as to why these things happen. Know that those who have sown this seed of sadness in your lives will be brought to justice and GOD will have the last say. Flanders, Southampton, Bridgehampton and all the surrounding cities and states that were touch by your brothers unique comical side, will never be the same. But know that all will work out for your good. Be comforted by the Lord Jesus Christ! Love always Pastor Glenda E McMillan Chosen By God Ministries Inc. Atlanta Georgia


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