Police Release Missing Person Bulletin for Ashley Murray

The Peconic teen has been missing since Monday.

As the search continues for Peconic teen Ashley Murray, 16, who went missing on Monday, Southold Town police have released a missing persons bulletin.

Authorities have asked that anyone with information relating to Ashley's disappearance contact Southold Town police at 631-765-2600.

Ashley's mother said that her daughter left a suicide note. In the days since she went missing, friends and family have rallied to help her, creating Facebook pages and flyers. Organizers of the Facebook group "Ashley Come Home" are discussing organization of a search party.

The Southold school district has also been working with police to help bring Ashley safely home.

Bob Wilkson February 27, 2013 at 07:45 PM
Why isn't the Southold Fire Department involved with the search??
Pat Gatt February 27, 2013 at 08:52 PM
I am praying for this poor girl, her family and her safe return to her loved ones. I would think that - given the details of her suicide note - someone should be organizing a search of the surrounding shorefronts in case she intentionally drowned herself. Anyone might think I am crazy but I am getting an overwhelming feeling that something doesn't jive here and that foul play or a prank is involved but I am completely unfamiliar with the circumstances of this story. So it's just a gut feeling, But I hope that she is fine and will somehow find her way home. I will pray for her. It is a terrible and scary thing - she is so young for this to happen to her. God bless her and her family and give them strength...
marie walsh February 28, 2013 at 12:40 PM
Maybe the words "Watery Grave" and someone taking her to a "Deep Abyss" are from some song that she listens too. Also if she intended to commit suicide why would she take her iphone with her?Maybe she has it turned off to save the charge incase there may be someone in particular that she wants to get in touch with.
Publius February 28, 2013 at 05:49 PM
That was my thought too, I'd imagine the police will have a better time at it with the full note, hopefully cross referenced with her music collection/browser history but I took a look. The closest I could find was Tacit Fury's "The Abyss" "I have seen the sun light That was my angel He was sliding from the height Dressed in white stranger He came to take me With him to clear skies My time has come to die And I closed my eyes" "No one will stop me now to realize my wish Forever smelling darkness I will enjoy my choice In the abyss" "I bent over the edge But I felt a sudden bliss Life seems like a cruel cage My soul tormented needs the rest The abyss calls to jump inside The human beings strange to me Enthralling darkness charms my mind The pit is my destiny" I'm not friends with her on facebook so I can't see if she ever mentioned that band, perhaps one of her friends who likes the same music could say if that band was on her radar? The only band I can say for sure she listened to was "Cradle of Filth" as it is her coverpage on her facebook viewable to the public. Closest I could find searching their lyrics was in "Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids" but I don't have room to quote it here. As for her cell phone they mentioned she sent a text message to a friend mentioning suicide, maybe she brought it rather than send from home to prevent interference


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