Police: Another Accident Caused By Left-Hand Turn Sends Three to Hospital

Southold Town Police reveal details of this week's three-car motor vehicle accident in Cutchogue.

A left-hand turn gone wrong caused the that injured three people in Cutchogue this past Tuesday afternoon, report. 

Gerald Cruise, 85, of Cutchogue was driving a 2009 Toyota west on Route 48, attempted a left-hand onto Depot Lane and failed to yield the right of way to James Wysocki, 31, of Cutchogue, who was driving east on Route 48, police said. Cruise's vehicle then hit another eastbound car driven by Doreen Williamson, 56, of Ridge.

Members of the and responded to the scene and transported Cruise and his wife, Patricia, and Williamson to area hospitals. Wysocki was treated and released at the scene, police said.

This is the third motor vehicle accident in a month caused by a driving failing to yield the right of way while making a left-hand turn off of Route 48 on the North Fork. A June 5 accident in Greenport resulted in the death of an Islip Terrace motorcyclist, and 96-year-old Mattituck resident Irma Utter died following a June 24 accident on the corner of Route 48 and Wickham Avenue in Mattituck.

Sandy Martocchia July 01, 2011 at 05:11 PM
I live on Route 48 in Greenport and, unless it's really early in the morning, I try to make right -hand turns only. The cars are just going too fast on the road and there's nothing to slow their speed down. Today, the traffic is constant in both directions so even right-hand turns are tricky.
Jim July 01, 2011 at 08:40 PM
look at the age of all the drivers making these left hand turns
John D'Angelo July 02, 2011 at 02:21 PM
I was heading east on 48 and in the left hand turn section leading to Kenny's Road. While I was waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear, a dump truck similar to the one that had been involved in this fatality passed by me heading east to the section of route 48 that narrows at Tucker's Lane. Man! He must have been doing 65 and missed me by inches as he tried to get ahead of other traffic heading for "the narrows". My car shook. Now this guy was leaving NO chance to avoid a crash if a person had pulled out of Tucker's. Tucker's Lane is on a curve that leaves little chance for the person coming on to route 48 to see the traffic that could be coming. Hedges along 48 on both sides of Tuckers effectively block the view. A guy coming out of Tuckers onto route 48 heading east would find a rearview mirror suddenly filled with the grill of a charging dump truck! Someone turning left would have just enough time to say "Oh my..." before they left this world. Jim, I see plenty of young guys in pickups and SUV's make quick dashes across oncoming traffic, in addition to the slow-reacting seniors, so I think the age question isn't the answer. I think there are other factors involved. I think folks get frustrated by waiting to cross an unbroken line of oncoming traffic so they latch onto any space that seems OK. Unfortunately, that decision can get them killed if the oncoming car is moving much quicker than they estimated.
BARBARA HARKINS July 03, 2011 at 01:05 PM
I just love it when a driver attemping to enter a busy road as 48 or 25 when coming out of a side road will try to turn left and only turn their head left not even trying to look right (like they see something they don't like another approaching car) and they figure, I guess, they got on to the road before approaching car so approaching car must stop or go around.
Mark Kreider December 27, 2011 at 12:02 PM
The intersection of Pequash Avenue and Main Road in Cutchogue is a prime place for left hand turn accidents. On the right there are shrubs blocking the view and cars have NOT slowed down entering the village proper. On the left cars and trucks parked on the corner of the Enterprise lot require that one has to pull forward almost entering Main Road to see the oncoming traffic. Both of these hazzards would not be near so bad if people were not driving at an excessive rate of speed. With NO cars in view I quickly made a left hand turn onto main road and all a sudden a woman in an SUVcoming from the east that must have been going sixty was honking at me and flashing her lights as she passed me on the left. If any other traffic had been there it would have been too bad. I followed her to find out what the hurry was. It was a coffee emergency at the 7 - 11.


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