Your Thoughts: Peconic Bay Water Jitney Was Financial ‘Bust’

Patch readers reacted enforce when news broke that the Sag Harbor-Greenport ferry won’t return this year.

A pedestrian ferry linking Greenport and Sag Harbor operated as a joint venture of Hampton Jitney and Response Marine — is not expected to return in 2013 due to financial problems, according to The Sag Harbor Express.

Here are a few comments from Patch readers on last week’s big news. Feel free to add to the conversation below.

“The ferry put no burden on the village. I road it several times to take a day trip to the north fork. We parked at the high school, got picked up by a free van, deposited at the end of the pier and returned the same way. It was the best boat ride for the money! And if it did bring some people, they spent their money for eats, drinks and shopping in Sag which is only a boom to local merchants and helps to ward off the fate that befell East Hampton where the only people who can make it are the merchants who don’t care if they make money!!!! Bring back the ferry. Charge another $10 and people will still use it.” — jane stuart,

“We could use a car ferry. As an alternate to shelter island ferries. I always feel ripped off after I get off the shelter island ferries. I know about cost of running a boat and those ferries are a cash cow.” — 123,

“As a full time resident for 23 years, I welcomed the Sag Harbor Ferry service to Greenport. Used it many times, alone and with family and friends.....Had a hard time finding where to board at both ends...first time I used it...Needs another season with improved advertising from Montauk to New York City....” — Fran,

“I don't like the idea of public funding for most things, because the projects are often unnecessary, and there is always waste. This strikes me as being different. The existence of this ferry is in itself an added attraction to both towns - even if particular visitors don't happen to use it, it may be among the reasons they spent a day on the East End. I'd suggest that there be a sliding scale of subsidy to make it practical to operate. I'd also want it reviewed every year to see if still serves its purpose. Plus, I think its usage will grow.” — Liman,

“Nothing that is fun lasts here. And anything that is fun and still remaining comes under harsh attack.” — ViralGrain,

What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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Joel Reitman January 14, 2013 at 01:07 PM
Start a 'Save the Water Jitney' campaign


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