Question: Where are the Most Haunted Houses on the North Fork?

North Fork Patch wants your input for an upcoming series in honor of Halloween.

Seeing as how was founded in 1640 and in 1730 — you'd think there would be some ghosts from days of yore lingering in more than one building that has stood the test of time. We're talking about structures that have seen the American Revolution, the Civil War, two World Wars, Prohibition, McCarthyism, Woodstock, and ... disco.

Yep. There's definitely some haunted houses around here.

For an upcoming series this month to celebrate Halloween, we'd like to know what houses you think are the most haunted — and your own personal experience with them if you have one. Email erins@patch.com or feel free to comment in the boxes below.

MaryAnn October 05, 2011 at 03:55 PM
Where are the haunted houses listed? Cause I don't know of any on the North Fork ?


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