Losquadro: Cuomo Budget is 'Sleight of Hand' (WATCH)

Assemblyman says high tax aid cuts to Long Island will be detrimental.

In an interview on YouTube posted by the New York Assembly Minority, Assemblyman Dan Losquardo, R-Shoreham, cut into Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed executive budget, namely for a $50 million cut statewide in high tax aid and a redistribution of the funds away from high cost of living areas.

From a summary of the executive budget proposal: "The Executive Budget recommends a two-tier High Tax Aid formula which will direct a greater portion of aid to school districts with both lower wealth and high property taxes. High and average need districts will receive over 80 percent of statewide funding for High Tax Aid which will total $154.74 million, a decrease of $50.03 million."

School '12-'13 ($) '13-'14 (proposed $) Difference ($) Mt. Sinai 393,079 117,923 (275,156) Miller Place 1,040,107 628,277 (411,830) Rocky Point 342,408 853,478 511,070 Shoreham-W.R. 1,167,111 980,382 (186,729) Riverhead 2,256,813 1,225,869 (1,030,944) Mattituck-Cutchogue 499,848 149,954 (349,894) Southold 298,147 89,444 (208,703) Greenport 148,016 74,512 (73,054) Oysterponds 100,000 30,000 (70,000) Fishers Island 100,000 30,000 (70,000)
oh yeah January 31, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Losquardo backed Cuomo's flawed gun law without question, and can never be trusted again. I will never vote for him, anyone who he endorsed, or anyone associated with him. Ever.
Justin Time February 01, 2013 at 12:35 PM
Now lets work on decreasing the strong unions in our education department, cut the waste, reduce administrative staff, lengthen school sessions, increase school days, and then start with a clean slate. Enough of Long Island becoming the safe haven for "educators".lets bring it back to the blue collar, hard working individuals who built our country.
Jane Rogan February 12, 2013 at 03:07 PM
Parents must do more to ensure their children are getting the education they deserve. If we want our children to compete with foreign students then they must parent like they do. Today's students are spoiled and are not made to take responsiblity for the failures as well as their successes. Excuses are made not just by the students but by the parents as well. If you want a successful child then put the time in to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to do. To much is being blamed on teachers.Stop blaming the teachers and start making your children responsible. Only when we have cooperation between all the parties involved will we be able to compete in a highly competitive World today.


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