Pet of the Week: Sometimes, It Takes Two — Meet Petey and Sparky

A playful boxer and quiet cocker spaniel await their forever home.

It's always a lot of fun to be greeted by the dog that the staff suggests as a candidate for Pet of the Week. But on Sunday, I had the honor of meeting two at one time — super-fun canines Petey and Sparky.

They were brought to the shelter because their owner was no longer able to care for them. Petey and Sparky are a cartoon couple in the making with two completely different personalities that compliment each other perfectly.

As shelter office manager Gabby Glantzman and employee Karen Stevenson were giving the introductions, both dogs immediately showed who they were. Sparky attempted to get any amount of love possible whether through petting or sitting on someone's lap, and Petey was more than ready for playtime.

I was amazed to learn that both Petey and Sparky are 7 years old. This is not old age by any means for either dog: life expectancy for boxers is between 11-14 years and for cocker spaniels between 12-15 years.  These two actually seemed almost puppy-like, with excellent energy levels.

They are both in the same age range and probably grew up together, proving that their bond is special and that it could be devastating for both to be separated.

Glantzman said that just because they'd do better as a double adoption, it wouldn't necessarily mean double the work. 

"Because they get along so well and are both such easy dogs to take care of, they'd be such a simple addition to any family," she said.

Both Petey and Sparky are neutered and housebroken. These fun-loving canines would get comfortable in a new home whether or not there are existing pets, as they both get along with all.

Erin Schultz November 07, 2011 at 06:57 PM
Terri Clark said on Facebook: "Come meet them,,you will fall in love!"


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