Help North Fork Patch Make a Pre-blizzard List of Supplies

Readers help us compile a list of needed items and things to do before a storm.

Unlike that cute little fish in the Pixar movie, weather forecasters say the blizzard nicknamed Nemo heading toward the area is likely to pack quite a wallop.

So a full day before it’s predicted to hit, we started our pre-blizzard list and enlisted our Facebook fans to help. Add your suggestions in the comments below.

Edana McCaffery Cichanowicz's priority was coffee, cream, and library dvd's. On the other end of the spectrum, Stephen Ross did not mince word with his suggestion of beer, wine and booze.

John Lucarelli reminded everyone of the importance of French toast in the face of a such a daunting winter storm.

"You need to buy the staples that everyone buys - mik, bread, and eggs," he said. "You know, in case you want to make French Toast during the storm."

Need to know where to stock up on supplies? Check our directory.

Along with the essentials like toilet paper, flashlights, batteries, snacks and water many people said a stiff drink would be on their lists to help pass the time.

Susan Strumpfler Lawlor said she was confident that the snow wouldn't last long so she wasn't too worried about stocking up — "Not too long a list with temps going up into the 40's early next week... SO, just flashlights and gassing up the car in the event of power failiures," she said.

Help us add to our list of pre-blizzard things to stock up on or check on. What are the essentials?

JOMAC February 08, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Please remember that if you venture out to "sight-see", you put other people in danger, including Fire Dept. Personnel that may have to cut you out of your car.
John D'Angelo February 08, 2013 at 02:52 PM
We are ALWAYS concerned about losing power due to heavy storms, so here's our basic list: Spare batteries, portable scanner, car filled up, stakes to mark driveway for plow, cell phone charged up, portable computer charged up, portable stove to cook on (we have an electric stove) flashlights ready, portable radio ready. We have a propane powered fireplace, so we made sure the tank has plenty of fuel. Good luck!


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