Reader Feedback: Old Chase Bank (Poll)

Take the poll and read what your neighbors would like to see in this business space in Lindenhurst.

Last Monday Lindenhurst Patch put a on the empty storefront that once housed the old Chase Bank on South Wellwood Avenue.

(To read more about the location, click . And to see the results of the previous Feedback Poll about what should fill the old movie theater and former MarineMax, click .)

And residents and readers of Patch responded with what they'd like to see in that vacant business locale.

Take a look at what some had to say, and chime in on what should go there by taking the following poll, and by leaving your thoughts in the comments section, below:

Jackie Milton: “A huge problem in the Village is parking. I’m sure that if there was more parking available, then there wouldn’t be so many vacant storefronts. Also, the rents that these landlords are looking for are through the roof. If they leave the building empty, then it’s a tax write-off for them.”

Gina: “I think it could make a really nice pub a la the Post Office Cafe in Babylon Village or the Library Cafe in Farmingdale. This could be the Bank Cafe. Parking could be an issue, but there’s a municipal lot on First. Both the PO and Library are on busy streets like this without ample parking, and they both thrive in their locations. They are both owned by Lessing’s - perhaps [the company] should be approached about this.”

Janeen: “I completely agree about transforming this building into the Bank Cafe. It’s an historic building and could be the anchor restaurant Lindenhurst Village needs.”

Kristan Carollo Uttaro: “I really don’t want it turning in to a ‘Post Office’ type of bar. We don't need an already congested street being filled up with drunk 20-somethings driving through our Village! We need something that’d bring some smalltown charm to the Village - maybe a bookstore or a farmers’ market.”

John Scalice: “That’s such a pretty building, and it’s a shame that it stays empty. Unfortunately the Village remains an inconvenient location. Traffic is bad and parking is awful. The municipal lots may as well be on the moon, especially if you are older or handicapped. It’s sad to see how quickly new businesses close, but it’s difficult to patronize the stores south of Hoffman.”

Eddie: “Except that you see more empty stores north of Hoffman. I think we're viewing the glass as half empty. There are a lot of stores along Wellwood. We need to get have a little positivity here; there aren't that many empty stores along Wellwood. South of Hoffman has many stores from the music store, Spoon, the bridal shop, salon, sushi, AT&T...tons actually.”

Ronald Rizzo: “What the Village should do is stretch its arms out and entice another bank to come back to the Village, [and] give an incentive to move into that location since that’s all that building ever was and is best suited for.”

Lori Comerford: “How about a nice catering hall? [Or] what about a comedy shop, or a dinner theatre (live or film)? Maybe something for the kids on a different floor? As of right now there isn't much local recreation for them. Most parents will spend more money on the kids than they will on themselves.”

Lindy Mets Fan: “I think a catering hall or ‘Post Office’ type of pub would be best. The only thing besides the lack of parking is the rent. Whatever goes there would have to do a ton of business in order to afford the rent.”

Brenda: “How about a community center for residents [with] concerts all year long, [and] activities for our youth? A Trader Joe's would [also] be ideal.”

Linda: “Let it become the fire department so they have more space. Or make it a bigger museum for our tiny one, or an indoor mall like a flea market with many vendors and booths.”

phil: “Why doesn’t the Village partner with an operator and turn the building into a culture center, and relocate the museum there (giving the fire department a little extra room) [and] have workshops for the young and old, hold benefits?”

Maire: “I think we’d be better concentrating on how to keep other buildings Lindy from becoming empty. I say we all make a commitment to buy in Lindy first. If we keep leaving Lindy to do our business, then business will keep leaving Lindy.”

Mildred Perrotta: “I’d be interested in what the Village board thinks should go into these vacant buildings. Are there any tax incentives being offered to entice new business?”

Janeen: “If you think about small towns that have thriving business districts, what they all have in common is anchor stores that draw people in for their daily necessities – and that, in turn, encourage people to stay in town. We do have a lot to offer and have the capacity to grow - if our Village board, Chamber of Commerce and concerned citizens work together to move Lindenhurst Village forward, by keeping important elements of the past alive and well.”

Rider: “If you ask me, plenty of downtown areas are doing fine - Farmingdale, Babylon and Bay Shore to name a few. What do they have in common that we could apply here in Lindenhurst? An experience that you can't get outside the Village; an experience so good that you don't mind parking a block away to enjoy.”

Gallo April 07, 2012 at 03:56 PM
It's 2012. A small business cannot survive on foot traffic alone. One structure on S Wellwood and one on N Wellwood need to be removed to make two municipal lots with access both from Wellwood and side streets.
Scott Moore April 11, 2012 at 10:25 PM
How about this for a fresh idea? Turn it into a small movie theatre... like we used to have. Parking in the small lot out back and it would have one or two theatres. Show movies a little cheaper due to small size and cheaper snacks. Wam. You have a hit!
Emma April 17, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Someone mentioned the possible use of the parking lots at CVS, OLPH & Waldbaums in the evenings. Unfortunately, these lots are all private property and any car parked there can legally be towed away.
Joe Dirt April 25, 2012 at 01:52 PM
How about a topless bar?
old gray mare May 01, 2012 at 11:27 PM
listening to WOR radio this morning i heard about landlord(s) that are trying to revitalize the city of oakland. the landlord(s) choose what businesses will inhabit the spaces and the businesses pay NO rent for the first 6 months. it is better than the building remaining vacant. NO MORE NAIL SALONS, PLEASE!


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