5 Resolutions to Consider Making on the North Fork

Do you need help thinking of a New Year's resolution to make in 2013? Here are a few ideas.

It's that time of year again: We tie up loose ends and reflect on the past year, and look ahead to the new year, hopefully with a sense of optimism that will pave the way for great things for you and your loved ones. And let's not forget the longstanding idea of making a "New Year's resolution."

Do you need help thinking of a resolution to make in 2013? Here are a few ideas.

1. Shop local to help the local economy flourish. Nothing means more to a mom-and-pop shop than customers who check in at their stores first before heading to a big box or chain store. The North Fork is home to dozens of great mom-and-pop shops from which to choose.

2. Contribute to a cause. Getting involved in a charitable effort will not only help a greater good but it can also lift your spirits.

3. Go somewhere on the North Fork you've never been to. Are you a little jaded about wineries? Why not try to put yourself into the shoes of tourists who love the North Fork for the vineyards and have a tasting.

4. Get involved in the community by attending a meeting of a local civic organization or joining a new social group. The North Fork is home to several Lions Clubs, historical societies, the North Fork Promotion Council, and many other groups with aims at community improvement. Or, if you're aiming for self-improvement, the NoFo Runners Club, for example, formed recently for those looking for exercise and camaraderie — at no charge.

5. Get more involved with North Fork Patch. You can do things like share your own news with the community by posting an announcement, add your event to our calendar, become a blogger, become our friend on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, or drop us a note by emailing erins@patch.com.

What do you pledge to do for your 2013 resolutions? Tell us in the comments.


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