5 Places to Board Your Pets During the Holidays

Here are five local professional caregivers to look after your faithful companions while you're away for both the holiday season — or anytime of year.

Traveling to a destination that doesn't allow animals, or having a house full of guests that may stress out your family pet, are just a couple of reasons why you may have to find trustworthy boarding this holiday season.  Whatever your reason might be, you'll want to know a little something about the place where you will entrust others to care for and tend to your important family members while you're not present.  

The following people are passionate and knowledgable about animals and dedicate their lives to them — making them a good choice for your pet.

1. , located on Route 48 in Southold, is owned and run by Rebecca Dosch. Her lifelong experience caring for and working with animals is what lead her to opening Dog Town where she provides boarding, daycare, training, and grooming.  When you step into Dog Town, you feel like the architects were canine — creating a place where they would want to be. Their website reads: "Our 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas makes Dog Town a fun place for dogs of all makes and sizes." The outdoor run is completely safe and secure by full stockade fencing, and dogs are always under supervision. The outdoor area also provides natural relief of waste for house-trained dogs. Dogs are treated to cozy private suites for sleep and rest.  Call 631-765-8844 today for more information.

2. Scoshire Kennels is located in Aquebogue at 324 Church Lane. Co-owner and groomer David Borders has over 35 years of experience in grooming, animal care, and breeding. Scoshire Kennels has been a part of the North Fork community since 1968, and today its new kennels boast high-tech heated floors for the ultimate comfort and health of your dog. There is also a separate room away from the kennel atmosphere for dogs that may have anxiety in such a setting. Here they are taken out several times a day, put in a private run for fresh air and are kept in secure crates to create the utmost feeling of security and safety. Owners reside on the premises insuring 24-hour supervision. Boarding rates are $30 per day. Dogs over 100 pounds are $35. The kennel offers a 10 percent discount for more than one animal sharing a run. Playtime and grooming are available at additional charges.

3. Pads & Paws Petsitting has solved the problem for people who prefer to keep their pet at home instead using of traditional boarding. They provide sleepovers or visits on a daily basis  to ensure your pet is looked after, walked, fed, played with, or just kept company. Your animal will remain in its own environment — no matter what type of pet you have. Jennifer Jens is doing this as an avid animal lover. She has experience with animals from mice to horses, including everything in between and around. For questions, or to make an appointment for a free meet-and-greet, call: 631-365-9228 or visit: www.padsandpaws.net

4. Animal Camp located at 122 Elm Street in Calverton has a motto: "There is always love at animal camp waiting to be shared with your pet!" All animals are treated like part of the family from the moment they arrive. Owner Judy Torreiri, a certified pet care tech, has worked for many years as an animal trainer as well as many other caretaking positions in the animal field. During their stay, dogs are walked twice daily and allowed tons of outdoor playtime in the spacious backyard that's been transformed into a doggie playground. At rest and nighttime, dogs will be made extremely comfortable in a cage-free environment unless other arrangements are made. Before returning home, all dogs have the option of having a bath, ears and eyes cleaned, teeth brushed, and nails clipped. For more information, call Judy today at 516-404-9931.

5. C-Dogs Unlimited is located at 1331 Middle Road close to the Calverton - Riverhead border, sitting on a beautiful agricultural zoned property. Owner Carolyn Contois says she takes a holistic approach to animal care.  It wouldn't be a surprise if the animals are in a euphoria when they stay with her, as she explains this approach in detail: "I have taken the basic elements that dogs need in order to thrive: fresh air, companionship, play, nutrition, and leadership." No doubt, she has an impeccable calm and soothing demeanor, not only with her furry clients, but with people as well. Visit www.c-dogsunlimited.com or call 631-655-6006 for more information.

*Please be advised that for boarding facilities, there are prerequisites needed, as far as proof of health and immunizations, before boarding your pet.  This is to ensure the safest and healthiest stay possible, for all of the animals.

marla December 21, 2010 at 06:13 PM
It would be great to know of some boarding options for cats as well. And, the information would be even more useful in early November...for folks who feel the need to plan ahaead.
Rebecca Hoey December 21, 2010 at 07:14 PM
Actually Marla, Scoshire Kennels does have a small cat room where they are able to board cats-I apologize for not specifying this. They can be reached at: 1-631-722-4618, and welcome your call anytime. And as I mentioned, Pads & Paws Petsitting will happily take care of any type of pet you happen to have. There are a few vets in the area whom I spoke with, that also board cats, but they're full for the season. So that brings us to your point as to having this article out earlier--I agree completely, and we will make every effort to do so next year!
Gord McKinlay December 21, 2010 at 11:36 PM
Thank you so much for posting some great <a href ="http://www.kennelseek.com/">dog boarding kennels</a> in your article. I am a dog owner myself and you never know what place is best for your dog until you have boarded them there...I don;t much like the trial and error method with my dogs, so thanks again, I will be sure to check out these kennels with my dogs.
Rebecca Hoey December 22, 2010 at 05:22 PM
Gord, I'm so glad you liked the article--Good luck on your quest to find the place that is the perfect fit for you and your dogs!! PS-Thank you for suggesting the above link, it seems like it would also be very helpful to dog owners!


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