This Week in Astrology: Full Moon on the 28th

This week in astrology.

The Sun entered the sign of Capricorn signaling the start of winter, the Sun in Capricorn is often a time of reflection and quiet, but with the outer planets Uranus and Pluto in the Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn they don’t allow our Sun to rest this year, the first thing the Sun does is square the planet Uranus this happens  on Christmas eve and Christmas day.  Depending on how we use this energy it can be exciting and fun, or it can indicate some major conflicts and problems.  I am inclined to think both sides of this energy is going to show, I don’t think our political parties will disappoint, they will show us the less positive side of this energy.  This means digging in and refusing to talk or deal with each other, creating real political fireworks.  I also think this can work on the world stage especially the Middle East where tensions are always high this time of year.  But I also think most of us are going to have a wonderful exciting week that carries happy surprises and a lot of social contact. Then on the 30th the Sun Conjunct Pluto, that contact worries me more as it’s a pretty harsh aspect that can indicate some real nastiness.  Be cautious what you say to people at that time as it can be taken in the wrong way.  This energy is also very bullying when not used in a positive way, so be aware of not pushing yourself or your ideas, and avoid those who may not have your sensibilities as arguing and hostility can cause permanent rifts  can occur.

Add to all of this a Full Moon on the 28th well we have the set up for major confrontations, all over the place.  Full Moon’s are volatile because they force us to look at and feel those things we do our best to hide from at other times, so unresolved fears, concerns and insecurities are stirred up.  As you know I like using the Full Moon for letting go of what we no longer need in our life, we can only bring in the new when we let go of the old.  In the Case of these planets and signs its time to let go of our fears, as what we fear is what we will face time after time.  This Full Moon will affect the Cardinal signs the strongest, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and it can be very cathartic for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

My advice for this week is to just enjoy family, friends and those you love, keep clear of conflict and arguments. Focusing on what is positive in your life always bring the most positive side of any energy we may encounter.

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