Eclipse in Scorpio This Week

This week in astrology.

The most significant energy we will deal with this week is the solar eclipse on Tuesday November 13th.  This eclipse occurs in the sign of Scorpio, so anyone with planets in Scorpio between17 and 29 degree’s will have tremendous energy  for change enter their life.  All the fixed signs in these degree’s, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the energy but not as strongly as Scorpio.  This eclipse will be visible in the lower half of our planet, so places like New Zealand, South America and South Africa will see the event.   Historically Astrologers think of the path of the eclipse as the path of energy that affects the world.  So we may see some unrest of unsettled energy, including crazy weather, earthquakes and social tensions.  Eclipses are thought of as the harbinger of bringing people to positions of power as well as bringing them to a fall President Obama has this eclipse fall on his tenth house cusp a point of achievement, and was a part of what allowed him to continue as president, eclipses generate energy for about two weeks prior to the event and continue for several months after the event.  In Syria the president of the country Assad has this energy on his natal Mars so my guess is we see another major push to overthrow him.  In our personal lives we rarely encounter such strong forces, we have to look at what is happen to a chart in proportion to what the person’s life is.  So for those of us to who relatively normal lives, this eclipse gives us great energy for change.  Scorpio is the sign of transformation, of taking something that can be looked at as negative and turning it into a positive. Its also the sign that pushes us to  the bottom in areas of our life that may not be working for us.  A solar eclipses is like a super New Moon, as you already know New Moon’s are all about New Starts so for this energy I suggest looking at where in your life you need a difficult change in both how you look at things and maybe how you self sabotage, use the energy of this eclipse to allow you to look at your life in an honest way so you can make the changes you need to make so you can get where you want to get.  Scorpio energy will not allow you to hide from reality.  The eclipse happens Tuesday at 5:08 PM

The other gift for this week is a calmer energy than we have felt for a while, Mars will go into Capricorn on Nov 17th, for me personally I think this is Mars best placement as it indicates an ability to get a hard job done, you just put your head down and work.  As Mars moves through Capricorn it will encounter both Pluto and Uranus, which can mean that hard work and concentration can run into glitches and opposition, but the energy to overcome them is available to all of us. 

We also have to remember Mercury is retrograde, so be ready to hear one thing and see another, or hear a definite plan that ends up changing. I think in the political arenas we will see many say things that cannot have follow through.  This is the strongest week of the Mercury effect so avoid making definitive plans, expect travel delays, don’t sign something that can come back to bite you later.

But most importantly enjoy the break of intensity this week to do some soul searching and contemplation on what you really want and need in your life, then take the actions needed to make it happen.

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