VIDEO: Southold Hosts Somber 9/11 Memorial in Peconic

A tribute to those lost on 9/11 was well-attended around the North Fork's 9/11 memorial osprey at its new location at Jean Cochran Park in Peconic on Sunday morning.

Over 100 people attended a ceremony Sunday morning at Jean Cochran Park in Peconic to remember those who died and to honor those who volunteered at Ground Zero on 9/11.

Even those who took a strong stance against moving the 9/11 memorial osprey perched atop an I-beam of the World Trade Center from its longtime home on Greenport Harbor to the landlocked park put aside their opinions on the issue to participate in the somber ceremony and flag-planting vigil around the perimeter of the park.

In his prayer, Chaplin Tom Roslak of the Cutchogue Fire Department said that though “we looked with horror on the terrorist attacks of that day, we looked with honor on the acts of courage by ordinary people who sacrificed themselves to prevent further death and destruction.”

"There are so many ways that people want to express how we as a country are feeling about today," said organizer Tracey Orlando. "Today, for me, it’s about healing and reflection."

Barry Hinton September 12, 2011 at 04:37 PM
What a lovely ceremony, well planed and conducted, The beautiful young lady singing the opening done an excellent job. I love the pipes, to hear them adds such a rich tone and mood to the whole program. The placing of the flags was a wonderful touch. Thank you Tracey Orlando for such a fine job.


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