One Year Ago: Blizzard Erodes Town Beach, Damages Houses

High winds and pounding Long Island Sound waves one year ago today caused extensive damage to shoreline homes and washed much of Town Beach in Southold into the water.

On Dec. 27, 2010, and anyone with a shovel were , much of which made roadways impassable for days due to drifting from wind gusts of up to 60 mph during

But this was nothing compared to what homeowners on Southold's Hashamomuck Cove were dealing with — their homes had nearly collapsed into the Long Island Sound from the winds and pounding waves of the storm, which also caused extensive damage to and Soundview Avenue. Town workers restored the beach in the spring and Soundview Avenue is only now being fixed with the help of Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursements. The Long Island Power Authority reported about 9,300 power outages across Long Island from the storm.

Southold resident Lynn Laskos lead the charge to get Suffolk County funding for a plan to protect the shoreline at Hashamomuck Cove, Soundview Avenue and Route 48 — one of two main roads through the North Fork.

"If we have one more storm, that road is going,” she said “Our homes are now the only buffer to County Road 48.”

Concerns about a breach to Route 48 include difficulties for emergency vehicles, which would have to detour and lose valuable time; a lack of access to ; and rendering police and fire departments unable to respond. A breach could also mean seniors at or being stranded and left with no access to services.

In the wake of recent natural threats from storms like Tropical Storm Irene, Laskos and Suffolk County Legislator Ed Romaine continue to fight for protection of that narrow strip of Southold shoreline.


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