EVENT: The Flora and Fauna of Plum Island Revealed

Nature Conservancy to hold lecture on the natural resources surrounding the famous disease research center to the east.

Plum Island has not only played host to a federally run animal disease research lab, the goings on of which have been well guarded since the mid-1950s.

Its largely undisturbed natural landscape has been a mystery for an even longer period of time, with access to the island limited. But an upcoming presentation from The Nature Conservancy and state Department of Environmental Conservation will explain the layout of the ancient land and its flora and fauna and current threats to its biodiversity.

The lecture, “Plum Island’s Natural Resources,” will take place on May 22 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Southold Recreation Center in Peconic. The mission of the research program is to:

Further the work of inventorying important flora and fauna in New York State

To recognize the past and present work of Long Island biologist who have studied Plum Island

To provide the Town of Southold with more information to include Plum Island in its comprehensive plan and zoning code for the first time

To provide state agencies with more information to help further work to protect the natural and cultural resources of the island

Email rparsons@tnc.org with questions.

Local Yokel May 01, 2012 at 09:19 PM
their mission is probably to gain public support for making it another park, (passive use, no people allowed. What should be happening is encouraging the continuation of vital research at the lab and encourage shared uses by private research facilities and universities in the field of bio medical research. This would cost over a BILLION to replicate elsewhere, (that's why it didn't move to Kansas) Let's take advantage of this valuable educational and scientific resource, not bulldoze it.


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