Your Thoughts on Business Change-Ups Across the North Fork

Business news was on fire this week on the North Fork — here were some thoughts from readers.

With Roanoke Vineyards and BookHampton announcing plans to open locations on Love Lane, Subway's owner putting his Mattituck store on the market and Vineyard 48's managers standing behind their decision to hold weekend DJ dance parties, North Fork Patch readers had a lot to say during the week of Feb. 12.

Here are only a few samples out of many comments. We really appreciate this robust conversation, but please try to keep on-topic — and civil, of course:

Roanoke Vineyards to Open Tasting Room on Love Lane, Feb. 14: Roanoke Vineyard Creative Director Scott Sandell told Patch on Tuesday that the winery will open its second tasting room at 165 Love Lane, a storefront vacated in November when Model Nails closed up shop. Model Nails moved to a new shop in Jamesport in December.

"There's limited parking on/around Love Lave as it is; It's hard enough to try and get to the post office, or the bank on the weekend. Aren't there enough tasting rooms around here? I miss the old Love Lane, quaint and quiet." — Allison Staron

"I'd have to respectfully disagree with you, Allison. As someone on the Patch site noted "There are TWO sizable parking lots, one behind the post office and one behind the cheese shop." Also, I believe, "quaint and quiet" is something every business owner should fear like the plague - unless they're in the library business. On another note, more competition means better quality for consumers. Don't hate, celebrate!" — Jack Tomlin

 With Funding Cut For New Facility, How Long Will Plum Last?, Feb. 15: The federal government might soon scrap its plans to sell Plum Island.This week, the Obama administration announced that its proposed 2013 budget does not include funding for a new bio-level 4 disease research facility proposed to be built in Manhattan, Kansas.

"As far as I can see the facility will remain open as they do important work for national security there. This takes the pressure of development off for the time being. Many environmental groups on LI and in CT were trying to get the island declared a National Wildlife Refuge. It's home to many birds and I know that recent studies have shown more than 150 species there during the year. It's also home to seals. If the level 3 facility stays open I think it's a good thing for our local economy and the jobs it provides." — Rick & Linda Kedenburg

Vineyard 48: The Party's On, Feb. 15: Despite recent complaints from neighbors of the winery over loud music, the lewdness of the crowd and the potential dangers involved in having limousines and busses park on Route 48 — a busy county highway – a dance party approach to doing weekend business at a local winery isn’t going away anytime soon, according to Vineyard 48’s managers Dale Suter and Matt McBride. “The bottom line is that this is a business,” Suter said. “There are more days during the week that we are empty, but we need to make a profit — and it’s extremely difficult to do that as a winery.”

"I'm a big fan of Long Island wines and have always supported what they have been doing. I've tasted lots of wines from this region over the years and 48's and Macari's were the best I've tasted. It's a shame that 48's wines are affiliated with this 'Boardy Barn' aka dance party cheesy thing. Their winemaker should move on." — Johnathan Meyers

"Great wine and fun makes for a happy person! Hope your sales increase 50 percent. Cheers to all! I can't wait to join the others. Maybe someone can learn from their success and pump money and joy into the local economy!" — Jay Price

"Fortunately there are over 30 real wineries to visit. Vineyard 48 made a business decision to become a dance club and gave up on it's wine. Meanwhile they are utilizing agriculture tax exemptions." — Frank T.

"As a resident and business owner of Southold I would like to know how they are exempt? Because they are not! Who said they were not a real farm or winery being they have over 30 acres of grapes and make their own wines that have won many awards. If the daytime fun is not what you like than go somewhere else and hold your pinky up when you drink and feel all that. It's obvious they are doing something right attracting so many people. The rest of us out here who do own businesses should learn how to monopolize on it and befriend them instead of criticize and bash. I have owned a business in town for over 20 years and it has not been an easy ride. I welcome the new blood and wish them the best and would just like to say thank you!" — Max Friend

 High Rent is Too Much for Mattituck Subway Owner; He's Put the Shop on the Market, Feb. 17: After three years of trying to keep the Mattituck Subway afloat, owner Jim Hooghkirk has decided to jump ship and move to Florida. Hooghkirk blames the high rent - he pays $4,300 a month to Cardinale Management, which manages the Mattituck Shopping Plaza.

"I can hear the new jingle now... 20... 20... 20 dollar foot longs! Hey Cardinale, I don't know if your rent is too large, but what I do know is that your parking spaces are too small. Add a store, re-line the lot with smaller spaces. Great business model." — Tom

"It's the rent when they start you out at a certain amount and than they INCREASE it year after year...he did it to someone in Jamesport that I know, until they said, no thank you...Cardinale doesn't care if half the place is empty...he obviouosly would rather make x amount instead of x+y=more $...not saying he should be charging no rent, after all he's a business man, but let's not get greedy." — Kenny Burns

"It's not the rent, it's bad business plans. Usually with a franchise you don't see this. That's why they get franchise fees not just for brand recognition but for expert accounting and business planning." — Stephen Husak

BookHampton to Open Love Lane Location, Feb. 17: After 40 years in business on the South Fork, indie bookstore chain BookHampton is coming to the North Fork. The bookstore, with locations in Southampton Village, Sag Harbor, and East Hampton Village, will be moving into the Andrew Gildersleeve Octagonal Building, the building at the corner of Love Lane and Route 25 in Mattituck listed in the National Historic Register.

"Great news! I love book stores, and this is a good one! I think it will be an excellent addition to Love Lane and the whole community. Maybe we could call it BookUnhampton to make ourselves feel better about the inevitable." — Kate

"Between the Cheese Shop, Candy Shoppe and now BookHampton - I am in 7th Heaven! Wonderful energy on Love Lane. A perfect addition!" — Desiree Passantino

Do You Think Aqubogue Could Use an Afterhours Location?, Feb. 17:  Watering holes surround Aquebogue, from Cliff's Elbow Room to the east and downtown Riverhead to the west. What would inject a little life into downtown Aquebogue? Would you like to see a bar / restaurant resurrected in downtown Aquebogue? What do you think would work in a location like the former Fauna? Or do any other locations stick out?

"We used to go to hans gausthaus for dinner then they closed up, that was a great place for dinner, great food." — Charles Rimicci

"It amazes me that anyone would ever eat or drink anything within 3 miles of that spot. The foul putrid stench of that duck fecies which has built up over 100 years has made the main road unbearably disgusting most days. It's a place to puke, not eat. How about a visit from the board of health or EPA regarding the duck poop problem. Is not just low tide — wake up!" — Not a Farmer

"More watering holes is fine, but we need better car services so folks do not drink and drive. The DWI industry is big business, and rightly so as such harm can come from drinking and driving. I am certain restaurants would do more business if there were options to transportation." — Concerned

JET February 19, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Please don't name the book store BookHampton. I agree with the previous poster "bookUNhampton"...


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