The Loft, Legends, Vines & Branches Among Those to Claim Biz Listings

Restaurants, realtors and non-profits take control of their online presence with Patch this month.

North Fork Patch grows every day, and we want to welcome our new users and readers each week.


Over the past month, the following listings of business and other North Fork organizations were claimed recently. You can claim yours too and enjoy more control over your page.


On North Fork Patch, readers have the opportunity to review everything from their favorite restaurants and shops to parks and churches simply by clicking on a business listing.

Here are a few recent reviews:

Southold: "The Blue Duck is a diamond in the rough! While venturing to the North Fork towards Greenport, we stopped at this bakery to get something to snack on for breakfast on our ride. We walked out with the biggest, most solid hunk of freshly baked crumb cake that was basically the best I ever had. Two slices in the bag must have weighed 2-3 lbs! I also left with a loaf of freshly baked sunflower seed bread which I was told by the very friendly, helpful young lady behind the counter, that the bread was prepared using half whole wheat and half white flour. The cafe has a coffee set up and charming tables for two if you would like to stay. This is really a charming yummy bakery that is worth the stop. I certainly will be stopping again on my next journey to the North Fork!" —

East Marion: "I have been in this field for at least 15 yrs now, and it my passion — helping people young and elderly too. I rate this business for the wonderful help to all patients. It's a 5 star." —

, Southold: "The sanctuary is beautiful, peaceful, the music wonderful.The smallest deeds elicit gratitude.There are opportunities to do good works w/out jumping in w/both feet ... I attend when I feel low knowing I will receive unobtrusive support & will likely hear something that will lighten my load ... You'll hear uplifting words & lovely music. You will be encouraged to stay, have coffee w/us in the parish hall and meet a diverse group of interesting people. A tiny congregation w/a big communal heart." —

Greenport: "The one thing wrong with D'Latte is its ever-changing phone number; i.e. 477-0060, 477-4060, 477-6738 -- none of these seem to work. On a beastly summer day, one would like to call them to assure that they have air-conditioning. Oh well -- either take your chances or fuhgetaboudit!" —


If you're a new reader or business and want to be highlighted in our weekly round-up or you'd like to blog on Patch, email erins@patch.com.


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