The Greenport Eatery to Take Over Former Greenport Starbucks

Moreo brothers shoot for July 3 opening of Front Street eatery.

Brothers Michael and Matthew Moreo of Aquebogue are opening a breakfast-lunch-and-dinner joint in a spacious Front Street storefront once occupied by which in Greenport.

Unlike a traditional deli, the Greenport Eatery will focus on serving fresh bagels and bagel sandwiches, paninis, chopped salads, wraps, baked goods, and coffee from the Hampton Coffee Company in a comfortable, WiFi-friendly café setting, said Michael Moreo — a 24-year-old with a background in law who said he’s wanted to take the plunge as a restaurateur for a couple of years now.

Moreo helped his mother, Marian, run North Fork Bagel in Jamesport for years before she sold the business five years ago, so he said he feels he does know his bagels — and that he’s filling a niche in the village even within feet of the established

“We’re not just strictly a deli — that’s why we’re calling it an eatery,” he said. “We’re getting a steam table in a few weeks so we’ll be able to serve hot food as well.”

Moreo said that before the Front Street location came into play, he and his family had been looking for months at other locations in Riverhead and Greenport. On Front Street, Moreo plans to eventually have outdoor seating, live entertainment and wine and cheese offerings at The Greenport Eatery.

Though the restaurant will have it’s own flare, Moreo said he had places like Brendel’s Bagels and Eatery in Huntington and Miller Place Bagel and Deli in mind while designing The Greenport Eatery.

And he wanted to see his family involved in the project.

“My brother and I have wanted to do something together for a long time, and we wanted to see our mother have her own place,” he said, adding that his sister, 18-year-old Mattituck graduate Samantha, will also be helping out in the Moreno family business venture.

Look for the doors of The Greenport Eatery to be open on the morning of July 3.

Brian June 30, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Marc All of those other restaurants work very, very hard too. I work very hard for my pay as well. As a consumer, I want a great product at a fair price, a great eating experience. I am glad you responded and hope you see that :1. your harsh response (thug like) probably just turned off potential customers 2. You have a good looking shop, great location, and potentially great food to eat. I have eaten there several times. At first to check it out since I'm inquisitive, then to give the place another try and another try. Then, unfortunately, friends insisted. Dude, make this a positive experience! I wish you success.
marc lamaina June 30, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Brian, Dont have much time to comment but I feel one is necessary. Not to take thread space from the new spot in town (best of luck guys!)... Just to let you know we source localy. We use fresh meats, .. our basil and cilantro and rosemary comes from east marion, our tomatos from Lathams, corn soon from Seps. We hand cut our fries... we cook our pulled pork for 12 hours... We bake from scratch, all butter, no preservatives... etc etc... Point being you ask for great product and we deliver great product and our prices are more than fair. Remember we are not a deli. As far as my "harsh" response... lol.. see below: "YUP! WE NEED ANOTHER PLACE TO EAT! Let's see...pizza place(bad one), oil place (cause we really needed that. But ur right, westhampton needs you more), buttacakes(yuk), claudios monopoly, salamander (best fried chick paid for w/401k), pagano pizza (why), Noah's, first and?, NF oyster (really?), meson ole(baffles me), blue canoe (oh wait, that's a south frk place)," - BRIAN Brian, you are a hypocrite. The worst type a delusional one. As far as loosing customers have you seen our facebook page? We gain and lose customers every day. Nothing is static. "Dude, make this a positive experience! I wish you success" - Brian "buttacakes (yuck)" - Brian Really my friend?
North Fork Bob August 02, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Aldo's for coffee he roasts the coffee beans he picks out himself.Aldo ran Starbucks out of town.That's quite an accomplishment and he's quite a guy.
Greenport Transplant August 04, 2012 at 03:24 AM
what's with the Butta' Cakes owner? he's out of control.
marc lamaina August 04, 2012 at 03:52 AM
yeh. Kid is crazy.


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