Keith Luce Reaches Kickstarter Goal For Meat Curing House

Social media helped jumpstart the chef's latest project.

Chef Keith Luce has realized his goal of raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign for a new meat curing house on Love Lane in Mattituck.

"I'm thankful and ecstatic about the result," Luce said Monday. "I am amazed by what a powerful tool social media is. Crowd funding allowed me to jumpstart a passion project and build a network of like-minded enthusiasts with a genuine interest in my soon to be offered products, and the region as a whole, prior to diving into this project without the security that there are in fact consumers interested in what I will have to offer."

Next steps, Luce said, involve "a lot of work. The facility needs to be prepared and equipment purchased. I also have a few surprises up my sleeve that will be formalized by the end of the week," he said.

Most of the funding was realized in past days: In late February, with 12 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign that started in January to raise funds for a meat curing house on Love Lane, Keith Luce was still in need of over 75 percent of his goal, though wrote that he remained confident in reaching it.

 to purchase the equipment and space necessary to offer, "True farm to table artisan products with a focus on cured meats from humanely raised animals being raised on my family farm."

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"This project is about preserving a way of life, as well as diversifying an artisan food scene that has taken hold on the 'last frontier' of Long Island. I truly believe that the more like-minded people that congregate and set up shop on the North Fork, the better the chance its agricultural heritage and open space will be preserved for generations to come."

Luce has his eyes on the Love Lane Market space, which has remained closed since the fall. Owner Mike Avella told Patch in December that he planned to reopen as soon as possible.


Judy Thilberg March 07, 2013 at 01:49 PM
Im glad Mr Luce is gonna try to make a go of this business,I just love the world we live in when you can go online for donations to open up a business especially in a building that has not had its taxes paid in 1 1/2 years and is under foreclosure sure feel sorry for the original owner who is getting paid nothing !!!We do live in a wonderful world,dont we????
Beija Flor March 15, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Just went to the Kickstarter page & did the math. 93 backers for a total of $10,035. How does this translate to $50,000? If Luce's meat curing skills are as keen as his math skills, the backers can kiss their investments good-bye. Also, $50,000 for facilities prep and equipment? Again, way off a responsible budget.


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