Eureka Beach Clothing Boutique Opens at Former Tea Company Space

The village welcomes a new clothing and boutique store with an ethnic flare.

is a new store specializing in women’s and children’s fashion and accessories, jewelry and home products bought from various locations around the world. It took over the former at 119 Main Street in Greenport in mid-June, and a grand opening party will take place Saturday night at down the street.

And the owners have backgrounds that are just as eclectic as the inventory. Lucy Barnes is a well-known New York City fashion designer, Heidi Kelso is a producer of television awards shows and high profile fashion events, and Fran Lombardi-Reilly is an interior decorator and antique dealer. Eureka Beach showcases a mix of each of their respective lifestyle and fashion sensibilities. The store’s name derives from the landmarked 19th century building “Eureka Hall” which houses the store right next to in the village.

Kelso said that she’d already been visiting the North Fork and Shelter Island for years because Barnes has a home in Orient, and that the trio found the former Tea Company space in March.

“It was perfect, with the big windows and high ceilings,” she said. “It just felt right for our stuff.”

Sourced from around the world by all three owners, who are all avid travelers, the store features a selection of fashions, treasures, furniture, antiques and art from far-off locations such as Turkey, Morocco, Bali, Ibiza, India, Brazil and the Middle East and Africa, but also locally in New York and throughout the East End. Prices start at around $15 for certain pieces of jewelry; $325 for higher-end clothing is currently the high price point at Eureka Beach.

“Greenport just made sense for the price points we are offering,” Kelso said. “Shelter Island is a little too isolated, and I don’t think we’d do as well in the Hamptons.”

The store currently features photography from famed New York City photographer and part-time Orient resident E.J. Camp, noted for her portrait work with celebrities, iconic movie poster shots like those for “Top Gun” and “Forrest Gump,” and her stunning work with local seascapes.

“It’s nice to be able to showcase the work of someone who lives here, work that connects locally,” Kelso said.

Eureka Beach is located at 119 Main Street in Greenport. Call 917-331-2788 for more information.


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