Despite Flooding, Legends Restaurant is Back in Business

Pictures of New Suffolk waterfront flooding during Hurricane Sandy looked like Legends might float away, but the restaurant experienced a quick turn around to normalcy.

Legends restaurant in New Suffolk took in about 13 inches of flood water during the worst of Hurricane Sandy on Monday and into Tuesday, but according to manager Rose Tarpey, clean up was quick and the doors were back open for dinner service by 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“The water did come in but it didn’t go up into the bar or anything,” she said “And aside from about 10 minutes during clean up on Tuesday, we never lost power during the storm.”

Legends, which overlooks the picturesque New Suffolk waterfront, reopened in May of 2011 after closing for five months for renovations. The owners were forced to close the business in January of 2011, when snow from a winter blizzard made parts of the roof sag.

That winter storm did more damage than the daunting Hurricane Sandy.

“Everything is definitely back to normal,” Tarpey said.


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